What Are Crock-Pot® Potatoes?

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Recipes for Crock-Pot® potatoes might include anything from simple side dishes to soups, stews, and other complete meals. Potatoes are a very versatile food because their mild flavor complements almost any main course, and they are particularly well suited to slow cooking because they absorb the flavors of the other ingredients. Crock-Pot® potatoes may be peeled and cooked with a small amount of liquid and then mashed, allowing the cook to concentrate on other parts of the meal and also keeping the potatoes warm until they are served. A variety of soups and stews can also be prepared in a slow cooker, and potatoes may be the main ingredient or a side item to be served with a roasted meat. Busy home chefs often love the convenience of dinners using Crock-Pot® potatoes, because the ingredients can be placed in the cooker and left alone overnight or during the work day.


Preparing Crock-Pot® potatoes is generally quick and simple. They can be left whole, wrapped in foil, and baked in a slow cooker as long as they are first pricked with a fork to allow steam to escape. Unlike most slow cooker recipes, it is not necessary to add liquid when baking potatoes, and they should cook on a low setting for up to 10 hours. Mashed potatoes are also easily made in a Crock-Pot® and are usually peeled and cut into pieces and then placed in the cooker with a small amount of water or broth. When fully cooked, the potatoes can be mashed right in the slow cooker and kept warm during serving. Some cooks prefer to leave the skins on to preserve the potatoes’ nutritional value.

Busy cooks can make a variety of side dishes using Crock-Pot® potatoes in many forms, including frozen hash browns or home fries purchased at the grocery store. These frozen potatoes will need to be thawed before cooking and can be paired with almost endless combinations of ingredients like different types of cheeses, vegetables, and milk or sour cream. The potatoes cook with the other ingredients and form a creamy consistency that goes well with holiday dinners, summer barbecues, or simple weeknight meals. Ham or chicken can also be added to these types of recipes to make a one-dish dinner.

Sliced or chopped Crock-Pot® potatoes can also be cooked with beef or pork roasts, chicken, and other roasted vegetables to make an easy and nutritious weeknight meal. All the ingredients are usually placed in the slow cooker together along with seasonings and a small amount of liquid. It is important to limit the amount of cooking liquid, as slow cooking tends to produce more water than using the oven. Any cuts of meat that are intended for oven roasting can usually be made with Crock-Pot® potatoes.


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