What are Cranberry Pills?

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Cranberry pills are specially formulated nutritional supplements designed to deliver all the health benefits associated with cranberries. The pills are widely available in health food stores, and can be used to alleviate several health complaints. Because they offer a concentrated form of cranberries, they offer more nutritional value than most commercial cranberry juices.

One of the advantages of cranberry juice pills is that they are a great way to get the health benefits of cranberries without having to drink diluted juices and juice blends. Depending on the composition of the cranberry tablets, a single cranberry pill may have a nutritional value similar to anywhere from seven to ten glasses of cranberry juice. Because of the higher concentration of nutrients, it is possible to begin experiencing benefits from the cranberry supplements in a relatively short period of time.

The benefits of cranberry pills cover a wide range of ailments. One of the more common uses of the pills is to minimize the pain experienced with a bladder infection. The properties of the cranberry compound help to soothe any inflammation and can work with various medications to help the body heal. Taking cranberry-based supplements from time to time may also help prevent bladder infections from occurring.

Cranberry capsules can also help with the common male ailment of jock itch. Part of the reason that they help is that the combination of vitamins and nutrients contains in the cranberry help to restore a proper PH balance and ease the inflammation that causes the condition. They work much better than drinking commercially produced juices, since they contain pure cranberry juice.

In general, cranberry pills can help control free radicals in the body. The antioxidant qualities of the pills stem in part from the diverse blend of nutrients found in the juice. Vitamins A and C, along with most of the B vitamins are present in at least trace amounts. Important minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium are also found in these supplements.

There are some possible problems with cranberry supplements, including side effects like allergic reactions to the cranberries themselves, or a reaction caused by the interaction of the pills with a prescription medication. Before beginning any regimen using cranberry pills, it is a good idea to check with a healthcare professional and make sure there is no chance of an adverse reaction.

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Post 45

I smoked last Wednesday and I have a test next Friday. I've been drinking water, cranberry juice, on sundown water pills and cranberry pills. Is it possible to pass the test?

Post 44

I don't care about drug tests. That's not the only thing cranberry pills are good for. Can we talk about a more life threatening issue? Like UTI's. What about that? I'd rather not die. Thanks.

Post 42

Yes, the pills clean your system of marijuana. I smoked and had to take a drug test four days from the day I smoked and was clean in 4 days. Take the pills and drink lots of water. It really does work and I smoke like Bob Marley for real.

Post 41

My son drank some stuff for a clean drug test once. It failed, so do not take advice from internet posters. Everyone's system would be different.

Post 40

None of the store products work for me. If you're a lady, and you know the maddening pain, doctor visits, nasty antibiotic prescriptions, and repeat visits associated with recurrent UTI. Please note, I'm not a doctor, and UTI's have the potential to turn into serious bladder infections, and a bladder infection cannot be gotten rid of without some hardcore antibiotics.

The Lady Soma Detox is the only detox product on the market that prevents my UTI's. I take as directed, and never have to experience a UTI as long as I drink a lot of water. You have to drink tons of water (and that alone is not what prevents the UTI, believe me). I don't know how it works, I just know it does. This is totally anecdotal. Always see your doctor. Good luck!

Post 39

People have the right to smoke whatever they want and they have the right to find out ways to pass the drug test. I stopped smoking months ago but find it unfair that I would have to quit in order to get a job while drunk-o down the street can get messed up daily and still get to keep his job. Oh, and smell like disgusting cigarettes.

Post 38

I am taking cranberry pills five every day to help clean my system of maryjane. I hope it works! I'll let you know!

Post 37

It doesn't clean out your system because THC is in your fat, not bladder. If you only take a hit, there probably won't be much in you system = clean. If you're super skinny and have little fat, you will probably test clean. There are no studies that say cranberry or niacin cleans your system. How about not doing dumb crap to get on probation to begin with?

Post 36

if you pee is taken to a lab and tested (versus just a dip test), will the cranberry pills still work to guarantee you pass a drug test?

Post 35

I'm drinking green tea also with them. i heard it helps? and lots of water.

Post 34

Yes cranberry pills work for a urine test. I take four at a time every six hours. Consume large amounts of h20 or you'll be wasting your time.

Post 33

how many cranberry pills do you need to take a day to clean your system of weed?

Post 32

to pass a drug test you want 100 percent cranberry fruit juice. no mixed juice and no concentrated juice. pure cranberry juice is (really tart). It's kind of hard to down but it clean my system in two days. got high on wed and peed clean friday night. drink lots of water too. it helps.

Post 31

if you're on blood pressure meds can you take cranberry pills? and if i already feel like I'm getting a bladder infection, will these help?

Post 30

can pregnant women consume cranberry pills?

Post 28

you must drink water to help flush the bacteria out of your bladder. cranberry pills and juice help, but most times an antibiotic is needed. usually you aren't drinking enough water to flush your system. caffiene, soda and alcohol don't count as liquids (they actually irritate the bladder). Drink eight 8 oz glasses of water during the day.

Post 27

Can cranberry pills keep down yeast infections too?

Post 26

Well, my brother gave me some because I'm on probation but i still like to smoke occasionally. So from what i read, i hope they do clean my system!

Post 25

Do cranberry pills have the same effect as the juice when it come to water retention?

Post 24

Can cranberry pills cause diarrhea?

Post 23

do the cranberry pills help people quit drugs?

Post 21

Can cranberry pills help with UTI if the person is not drinking any liquids?

Post 20

Arnold Supplements. These are the Solgar Cranberry I use for my bladder infections.

Post 19

yes people, cranberry pills work for drug tests.

Post 18

1 in 9000 cranberry pill intakes are fatal due to the intestinal tracts that require the body to do unspeakable things.

Post 17

some people believe that cranberry pills have a large fructose rate but due to certain lab reports, this theory has been proved false.

Post 16

cranberry pills help with cramps in the intestinal tract but not in the alignment of circular refructions. it is a myth applying to the fact that the pills do possibly offset the nutritional value but due to a recent mythbusters episode, this myth has been proved false.

Post 14

i believe that they do. i've passed a drug test. i drank a lot of water and took crandberry pills. you have to give it a chance to get clear so your urine will be almost clear but you drink a lot of water.

Post 12

cranberry pills have worked for me! i smoked weed a lot, and i got clean over one weekend, taking cranberry pills and drinking cranberry juice and water. It worked for me.

Post 11

do cranberry pills interact with birth control?

Post 10

Are you kidding me? Clean your system for a drug test the old fashioned way - by not doing drugs in the first place! Duh!

Post 9

So, what's the news? Do cranberry pills clean out your system for a drug test?

Post 6

I've recently started detoxing and have my UA in a couple of days. I'll let you know! I started a normal dosage according to the bottle, 1 pill three times a day and upped my dosage to two at a time rather than one as well as drinking *at least* a gallon of water a be continued

Post 5

I would like to know the same thing that someone had asked. Can cranberry pills clean your system of marijuana?

Post 4

can cranberry pills clean your system of marijuana?

Post 1

can cranberry pills help clean your system for a drug test? (specifically for marijuana)???

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