What Are Courgette Muffins?

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Courgette muffins are sweet or savory muffins with pieces of shredded courgette blended into them. Also called marrow squash or zucchini, courgettes are a soft, green summer squash with a mild flavor. These vegetables are usually very juicy, lending courgette muffins plenty of moisture. This pastry may contain a variety of different flavors, from indulgently sweet to salty and spicy. The flavors are almost entirely up to the cook.

A batch of courgette muffins generally only contains one or two small zucchinis. The cook typically peels and washes the squash, slicing off both the stem and bloom ends. The zucchini is then grated into fine pieces, usually on a box grater. It may also be minced by hand, though many cooks find this time-consuming. In either case, the squash must be made into very small pieces so it distributes evenly through the muffin batter.


Shredded zucchini may be added to almost any muffin recipe, but the cook typically has to adjust for the amount of liquid in the squash. Omitting about one-third of the liquid in the recipe, or lengthening the baking time, usually works well. For instance, if the recipe to be modified calls for 3 parts milk and must be baked for 30 minutes, the cook has two options. He or she may use only 2 parts milk or bake the muffins for up to 40 minutes. One modification should be plenty, so both omitting liquid and lengthening the baking time may result in dry courgette muffins.

Sweet courgette muffins may contain a wide variety of flavors. Some of the most common include cinnamon, chocolate chips, oranges, and dried fruit. A summertime courgette muffin might include crushed mandarin oranges and a lemony cream cheese frosting on the top. Autumnal pastries may combine cinnamon with grated carrots and apples. Those leaning toward winter flavors could try currants and dried cherries or apricots. Cooks may also add shredded zucchini and crushed walnuts or almonds to the batter for a very simple muffin.

Some kinds of courgette muffin aren’t sweet at all, but spicy or savory. These muffins often contain cheese, sundried tomatoes, chopped bell peppers, and chipotle seasoning. A dense, heavy courgette muffin might even feature crumbled bacon and minced onions. Other versions could include marinara sauce or a touch of pesto in the batter. A veggie-dense muffin might also contain yellow squash, corn, and jalapenos. This kind of courgette muffin is often served with savory soups, stews, or chili and may make for a quick breakfast.


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