What are Cork Rolls?

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Cork rolls are thin rolls of material that is created using natural cork. The rolls feature the natural grain that is found with any type of cork material, but are sometimes tinted to allow the product to blend into general color scheme of the room. Along with products such as cork tiles, cork rolls can be used to create bulletin boards, padding under carpeting or vinyl flooring, or even as a wall covering. Many hobby shops as well as home stores carry both cork rolls and cork squares in several sizes.

Different grades of cork rolls are used for different purposes. The thinner grades are often employed when the idea is to use the material for a wall covering. When creating a bulletin or tack board, a slightly thicker grade is often recommended. For padding, grades that are somewhat thick are usually the best option.

Along with uses around the home, cork rolls can also be used for many different types of crafts and hobbies. The processed cork makes great hot pads for use with hot glue guns, or gaskets in small engine kits. Cork rolls or squares can also be used to create decorate and functional accessories, such as coasters and even place mats. A section of cork roll can also provide protection to a tabletop when kids are assembling model cars.


One of the advantages of cork is that the material makes a great insulator. When used as a wall covering, the cork insulation can make it easier to keep the space at a comfortable temperature. The material can also help mute sound when used as padding under hardwood or ceramic flooring. Cork rolls work equally well with in warm and cold weather, and can make a significant impact on utility bills.

Because cork board is relatively inexpensive, using cork rolls for decorative purposes is a great option when there is not a lot of money. The material can look great when paired with mirror tiles to create a backdrop for a collection of potted plants, or create an inexpensive message board near the back door or in the kitchen. Because the cork rolls can be removed without a lot of trouble, it is an easy task to change the look of the room from time to time.

While many people prefer to go with the natural coloring of cork, it is possible to buy cork rolls in a wide range of colors. This makes the rolls even more useful as a decorating accent in main living areas as well as in children’s bedrooms.


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