What are Copper Bathroom Sinks?

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Homeowners and interior designers are excited about the possibilities that copper bathroom sinks offer. They are a gorgeous alternative to porcelain, with some of the sophistication of glass, yet provide a more organic and antiqued appearance. The luster of copper interests many decorators in its richly textured surface. You can choose to keep the copper especially shiny with a liquid metal polish, or let it age.

One of the wonders of copper bathroom sinks is their "living" finish. This describes the quality of copper that changes its sheen, iridescence, and shading with time. The pinkish glow of a brand new copper bathroom sink will mellow to an orangey burnish, and will gradually antique to a swirling bronze finish. Some sinks might resemble the delicate film of iridescent oil in a rain puddle.

Of course, copper bathroom sinks are available in a variety of shapes, either wall-mounted or counter-mounted. Pedestal sinks have a bowl and column both made of the metal. Bowl sinks fit into a counter top just like a polymer or porcelain sink. They can be self-rimming, where they are ringed with a subtle lip, or they can be under-mounting, where the counter overlaps the sink.


The bowl doesn't need to be round or oval, but comes in square, rectangular, hexagonal, or free form shapes. The interior can even have designs in relief, such as embossed floral vines, swirls, seashells, or other imprints. A hand-hammered finish means that the copper has been softly dented with a small hammer as part of the shaping process to give it a handcrafted look.

Copper bathroom sinks best complement decors such as antique farmhouse or rustic French villa. The copper looks great against marble, granite, or set inside a wooden cabinet. Although any kind of faucet looks attractive, an old-fashioned copper spigot would match perfectly.

One of the best advantages of copper bathroom sinks is their natural aversion to bacterial growth. The metal copper, unlike stainless steel, has antibacterial qualities, so the harmful microorganisms cannot breed on the surface. This way, you don't need to use harsh cleaners on a daily basis.


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