What are Conference Call Centers?

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Also known as audio conference or teleconference centers, conference call centers are facilities that make it possible to manage or participate in conference calls. The term actually applies to two different scenarios, with one being the site of operations that are ran by a conference call service, and the other a business center where individuals can go to participate in a conference call of some type. This means that a given center may simply provide the tools necessary to access a call, or that the center has the equipment necessary to establish and maintain the common conference line that serves as the point of termination for each line connected to the conference.

A facility owned and operated by a conference call provider, the conference call center will usually house several key functions. First, conference call centers of this type contain the actual teleconference bridging equipment necessary to provide call services to customers. An operations department is also present in the facility, with workstations that allow conference call operators to establish and visually monitor the status of active conference calls. It is not unusual for this type of call center to also include a customer support or reservations department that provides real time assistance to anyone who is having trouble connecting with a live conference call, or is not able to connect with a recording of a previous call.


Conference call centers may also be simple business centers that are set up for use by individual conference call attendees. Some centers of this type will include small enclosed areas that are equipped with both audio and visual equipment, such as a telephone and a desktop computer with an Internet connection. Facilities of this type are ideal for travelers who need to participate in a web conference call, or who need access to email during the course of an audio conference. Some of these centers also include conference rooms that allow several people to participate on a conference call using a single connection.

With both types of conference call centers, the goal is to allow clients to successfully conduct business using an audio, web, or even a videoconference. Call centers that are operated by providers serve as the hub for the conference, allowing connections from all over the world to participate in a single conference session, with operators on hand to assist moderators and attendees at any time during the meeting. Conference call centers that provide physical facilities for people to participate on conference calls make it possible for attendees to enjoy a secure and quiet environment for attending the conference call, with no fears of being interrupted by others or distracted by outside noises.


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