What are Common Signs of Fatigue?

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Fatigue is defined, in the most basic words, as a lack of energy, and it is considered to be a very common medical complaint. It is also known by such names as exhaustion, lethargy, and weariness. Some common signs of fatigue are drowsiness, muscle soreness or weakness, mental exhaustion, and dizziness. Cases of fatigue can often be cured by certain lifestyle changes, such as getting more rest. Sometimes though, there may be a more serious underlying health condition.

Of all the signs of fatigue, a feeling of drowsiness or tiredness is generally the most common complaint. This tiredness, however, is much more intense than the tiredness felt when the body needs to rest. Drowsiness and tiredness associated with fatigue can often interfere with normal daily activities. An individual experiencing fatigue is often tired even after a long night's sleep, and may even nod off at unexpected times.

Muscle weakness or chronic aching muscles may also be one of the signs of fatigue. Experiencing some muscle soreness after some sort of physical exertion is normal. Constant aching muscles hours, or even days, afterward, however, is not normal, and this could very well be a sign of fatigue.


As fatigue starts to take its toll on the body, many sufferers may feel mentally exhausted. This can manifest in several ways. For instance, they may be easily confused, or have extreme difficulty concentrating and staying focused. A depressed or down mood is often noted, and they may also become irritable. For many people, mental exhaustion is one of the more frustrating signs of fatigue.

A general feeling of dizziness can also be one of the signs of fatigue. An individual may have trouble balancing and even become very clumsy. Fainting or feeling like he is going to faint may also be experienced in more extreme cases of fatigue.

Treatment for fatigue is often quite simple, and it requires nothing more than general lifestyle changes. For example, a physician may recommend that a patient experiencing fatigue simply gets more rest and relaxation. Dietary changes are also often recommended and iron supplements may be prescribed.

Because fatigue can be a symptom of a more serious underlying condition, treating it lightly is not advised. It is important to see a physician if the condition worsens or persists. Diabetes fatigue is common in many diabetic patients, whether or not they are aware of their condition. Also, fatigue and high blood pressure are now thought to go hand in hand. These medical conditions can worsen over time, leading to serious complications, or even death in some cases.


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When I first began exercising, I could tell that my body was not quite used to it yet. I would always experience terrible amounts of fatigue, sometimes it would even last all day. Over time though, I have noticed that my body has developed a tolerance for my exercise routine, and I certainly don't get as tired as I used to.

Post 2

In relation to fatigue, one thing we need to watch out for is the types of drugs and medicine we're taking, as that can be a likely cause as well. After all, many people forget to read about the side effects on pill bottles. Though this might not seem like a big deal at first glance, it can definitely have an effect in the long run. Speaking of which, overdosing can be a major problem as well.

Post 1

Even though there are many reasons for fatigue, overall, it really depends on the person. For example, one reason could be for a lack of vitamins, while other reasons could be due preexisting flu symptoms. Whatever the case is, it's something you need to watch out for. One thing to note though is that fatigue isn't always a case of something bad, as it can happen even if you happen to be dehydrated. However, if you think these symptoms are increasing, it would be a good idea to do a checkup.

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