What are Common Signs of Alcoholism?

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One of the most common signs of alcoholism is frequent intoxication from alcoholic beverages. Often, a person who is dealing with alcoholism consumes alcoholic beverages despite obvious dangers and consequences. For example, he may drink before driving, operating heavy machinery, or going to work. In many cases, symptoms of alcoholism include changes in personality and behavior while under the influence of alcohol; some people may even black out as well. Additionally, a person who is struggling with alcoholism is usually dependent on alcohol and resistant to efforts to help him recognize or deal with his drinking problem.

Among the most common signs of alcoholism are heavy and frequent drinking. A person who is an alcoholic is dependent on alcohol and may have difficulty functioning without it. He may drink every day or even multiple times per day and have difficulty with limiting himself to a reasonable number of drinks. In many cases, he may need to drink ever-increasing amounts to produce the same effect, as his body develops a tolerance for alcohol. When he does not drink the amount his body has grown used to, he may experience withdrawal symptoms.


Drinking in dangerous situations is also among the signs of alcoholism. A person with this addiction may drink and drive despite his knowledge of the consequences of doing so. He may also drink while sitting in his car and may even keep a stash of liquor hidden there. In some cases, a person struggling with alcoholism will even drink before going to work or while he is at work and expected to be sober.

Frequent changes in personality and behavior are also signs of alcoholism. A person may, for example, become angry and violent while he is drinking; others may become overly jovial and uninhibited. There are also people who become sad when they are under the influence of alcohol. These alcoholics may withdraw from others and activities they previously enjoyed. In some cases, a person may even black out because of his drinking and forget the way he behaved while under the influence.

The symptoms of alcohol abuse are much like the symptoms of alcoholism. One of the main differences, however, may be the fact that an alcoholic often seems unable to stop drinking or even cut back on his drinking for a period of time. He may seem stuck in his pattern of behavior, even when he sees the challenges his drinking problem is causing in his life.


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