What are Common Operating System Interview Questions?

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There are many different kinds of operating system interview questions a person should expect if he or she is interested in working in information technology (IT). These questions will typically cover a wide range of subjects, and can include questions about how to use different functions in an operating system or how to create programs to properly run on an operating system. The nature of the position a person wishes to work in IT can also affect the type of questions he or she should expect. Someone looking to work in setting up and maintaining servers, for example, should expect questions about creating networks and sharing resources through a network using various operating systems.

Operating system interview questions typically involve different types of operating systems, which are computer programs used to run hardware and software on a computer. These sorts of questions are commonly asked of someone looking for work in the IT industry, and can cover a wide range of subjects. If someone has certification in using a particular operating system, then he or she should likely expect questions about that system. It can also be helpful to know what operating system a particular company uses, to allow a job candidate to have a sense of what operating system interview questions he or she might be asked.


Someone interviewing for IT work should expect operating system interview questions that deal with fairly specific functions within an operating system. He or she might be asked about how file hierarchies are established within different operating systems, for example, or about how the registries and directories work for a particular operating system. The questions a person is likely to be asked can also depend on the type of work he or she will be doing for a company.

If someone is looking for work as a programmer, for example, then he or she should expect operating system interview questions related to programming using different operating systems. As a programmer, the candidate may also be asked how to code for different operating systems and the various certification processes involved with regard to publishing for different systems. Someone looking for work in networking for a company, on the other hand, should expect operating system interview questions about creating and managing networks using the operating system a business has chosen. These questions could include various aspects of setting and maintaining different levels of user accessibility and permissions, and questions about different hardware compatibilities and networking options on different operating systems.


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if you are a NOS administrator, and want to upgrade your NOS what are the first steps you would take to your current NOS. What kind of back up process will you have? please help.

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