What are Common HR Interview Questions?

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A human resources (HR) associate is typically involved with the hiring process at many businesses, and whether someone is interviewing to work in HR or simply by someone in HR, there are some common HR interview questions a person can expect. Some typical questions will usually center on who a person is, as well as the types of qualifications and experience a potential employee has. Behavioral questions might also be asked of a candidate, in order to more accurately determine how that person is likely to behave as an employee. There are also particular HR interview questions that can be asked of someone interested in working in HR, which often deal with duties specific to HR positions.

HR interview questions are usually those questions that are asked of a candidate for employment by a hiring manager during a job interview. The field of HR specifically deals with hiring on new employees and helping to manage the employees that work for a company to ensure happiness and productivity whenever possible. Anyone interviewing for a position with a company is likely to be interviewed by an HR associate, though sometimes a manager will handle interviewing. Someone interested in working in HR for a company, however, should definitely expect certain HR interview questions.


Common HR interview questions include those designed to help an interviewer better understand an interviewee and see how he or she might work within a company. These often involve questions about the interviewee’s personality to determine how others might view him or her, his or her work habits, and consider how he or she might interact with others in the workplace. There are also typically questions about someone’s professional history, usually inquiring about how and why a person left previous workplaces, how previous managers might describe the person, and how the interviewee handled conflicts at previous jobs.

More specific HR interview questions will typically involve the hiring process and understanding how well the applicant would perform various duties necessary for an HR associate or manager. The applicant might be asked about how he or she approaches job interviews and the hiring process, as well as asked to provide specific examples of conflict resolution he or she oversaw at a previous workplace. Someone could also be asked HR interview questions about training practices he or she has used in the past. Depending on the interviewer, it is also possible that the interview process could be partially reversed, and the applicant could be asked to “role-play” during part of the process and demonstrate how he or she would conduct a job interview.


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