What Are Common Financial Management Interview Questions?

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Financial managers are responsible for making sales, generating revenue and helping employees ind new ways to increase a financial firm's market share. Consequently, financial management interview questions tend to focus on the applicant's managerial credentials and financial prowess. Financial managers at large firms are generally well compensated although the individuals who receive the highest levels of compensation are often the individuals who take the greatest risks. Therefore, hiring managers also develop financial management interview questions that are designed to find out whether applicant's have the ability to make sound judgments even when faced with the potential to earn large incentives.

Hiring managers normally begin the interview process by asking questions about the applicant's past job experience. Interviewers will typically ask what duties were performed in previous jobs, as well as how much revenue the applicant was responsible for generating. Additionally, financial management interview questions typically include asking the reasons behind leaving a previous job.

Financial managers are responsible for revenue generation so hiring managers often ask candidates what they can do to increase the firm's revenues. These types of questions are designed to both find out whether applicants are innovative and creative but also to find out whether the applicant's have done some research on the firm they intend to work at. In answering such questions, applicants should display some knowledge of the kinds of products and services that the firm in question offers rather than providing generic answers about the industry as a whole.


Successful financial managers have to develop good working relationships with clients and co-workers and these relationships are often built on a foundation of trust and mutual respect. Applicants for manager positions are often asked open-ended questions that are based around them giving examples of previous occasions in which they went above and beyond their basic job duties to help their clients or team mates. Due to the nature of the job, job applicants may also be asked to give examples of occasions in which they put their client's financial interests ahead of their own interests. People who act unethically towards their clients may also act unethically towards their employer so financial management interview questions often center around ethics.

Financial firm employees have to contend with lean periods when production drops due to economic factors but also have to find ways to maximize revenue during boom times. Some people find it difficult to cope with these fluctuating fortunes, and must find coping mechanisms to deal with stressful situations. As a result, financial management interview questions may also include those regarding a candidate's attitudes toward stress.


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