What are Common Causes of Daily Fatigue?

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An individual with daily fatigue will generally suffer from an overall lack of energy every day. He or she may face extreme exhaustion and become increasingly tired from the start of the day to its end. Problems sleeping is the most common cause of daily fatigue. Other causes can include too much physical activity and a number of emotional problems. Some people with chronic health conditions such as anemia and diabetes also encounter everyday fatigue.

When a person has problems sleeping, he or she may have daily fatigue. There are a number of different types of disorders that can greatly affect one's ability to sleep. One example is insomnia. This disorder makes it hard to get into a sound sleep and remain asleep. Individuals with sleep apnea may also suffer from fatigue, as this disorder can cause multiple disruptions in breathing throughout one sleeping period.

Too much physical activity can also lead to daily fatigue. An excessive amount of physical strain on the body can eventually wear it down and when done on a daily basis one may face extreme exhaustion and tiredness. Working too much with too little rest can cause this problem. People who exercise and work out excessively every day may also frequently become fatigued. Often, athletes who play consecutive games and go through daily practice and training regimes may also suffer from this type of extreme exhaustion.


Daily fatigue may be caused by emotional problems. For instance, a person who is greatly depressed may encounter fatigue on a daily basis. As long as the person is depressed, he or she may continue to experience fatigue. An individual dealing with a lot of stress may also have this problem daily. In addition, a person who is grieving may become so boggled down with the emotion, that he or she may endure fatigue daily for quite a bit of time.

Certain health conditions can evoke ongoing fatigue. Anemia is one of the leading conditions that can make a person repeatedly fatigued. Diabetes fatigue is also very common and many people suffer from fatigue and high blood pressure as well. Different thyroid disorders, mainly hypothyroidism, can leave a person feeling severely drained with minimal energy. Additionally, individuals with heart conditions frequently become fatigued. A good example of this would be people with congestive heart failure.

Fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome are two additional health conditions that can cause fatigue to occur every day. Fatigue and fibromyalgia commonly occur together. This is generally because this condition, which causes pain that is widespread throughout the body, is thought to lead to great fatigue. Chronic fatigue syndrome can be another cause of severe fatigue that is persistent and extremely long lasting. This type of fatigue may not have a direct link to an underlying condition, but instead is generally considered a primary condition on its own.

Different medications can also cause daily fatigue. Some of the most common culprits include heart medications, such as those used as treatment for arrythmias and high blood pressure. Anti-anxiety medicines and medicines to treat depression may also lead to fatigue. Generally, fatigue management will be centered on treating the primary fatigue cause. In addition, a person may curve his or her fatigue by initiating lifestyle changes such as getting more rest and not overworking excessively.


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I am a 45 year old female. I keep getting colds, a very high fever that lasts three or four days (101/2 degrees), at least every five weeks. I work with children and keep washing my hands. I take vitamins.

I am always tired and finding it hard to work. Blood tests show no problems with thyroid function or anemia. I need to gain energy and stop getting the flu, even though my diet is healthy and I have a good lifestyle. I am worried if it is some kind of cancer.

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