What are Common Causes of Back Pain and Constipation?

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Back pain and constipation may not seem connected upon initial thought of the two symptoms, however they are related in some cases. Constipation is the buildup of wastes in the lower intestines, which are near the lower back, giving the experience of minor to severe back pain in some individuals. The many causes of constipation may be an improper diet lacking fiber, probiotics and water. Back pain causes may be due to improper posture, exercising the wrong way or by injury.

Body wastes from the accumulation of processed and digested food travels through the lower intestines and into the bowels where it is stored to be evacuated. Without proper dietary nutrients, like fiber and water, these wastes may build up without being released, bringing forth lower abdominal pain. This pain can also travel to the lower back since the intestines and back are situated beside each other. When back pain and constipation consistently appear at the same time, both symptoms can be easily remedied through the use of supplementing the body with the proper nutrients.


Treating constipation will effectively help in treating back pain, if these two symptoms truly are related. The true link between back pain and constipation can be dissolved if an individual adds more fiber into his or her diet. Fiber helps add bulk to the stool, aiding its movement through the bowels for proper evacuation. Increasing water intake while increasing fiber will greatly improve the journey of the stool out of the body by providing lubrication.

The most common cause of back pain is an injury related to a fall or a rupture of a disc in the spine. Back pain may also be caused by poor posture over time or by the prevalence of osteoporosis. Pain in this area of the body doesn't seem to bring the symptoms of constipation, but constipation may be a cause of lower back pain, as mentioned earlier. When back pain is independent of constipation, the link between back pain and constipation disappears.

Back pain may be treated by surgery if an injury is severe or pain persists. Other ways for treating back pain involve long periods of rest, yoga exercises and physical therapy. These tools may provide beneficial relief for those suffering with lower back pain, depending on the severity of the afflicted site. Medical professionals may go forward to prescribe medications or further methods for relieving back pain. Back pain relief may be possible through diet by removing inflammatory foods, but this is only proven in a small number of individuals.


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Post 3

@burcidi-- Yes, I had back pain and constipation during both of my pregnancies. It can be very difficult to deal with all this on top of the pregnancy. The back pain can be because of constipation or because of the weight of the baby straining your back muscles. The constipation is due to hormonal changes and it can be diet related too.

First of all, are you getting enough fiber and water? Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. Drink lots of water and walk a little bit every day if you can. If these don't work, there are bulk producing supplements and mild laxatives that are safe for pregnant women. But check with your doctor before using anything. During my pregnancies, there were times when I had to take extra fiber and use a suppository.

As for the back pain, make sure your bed is comfortable, sleep on your side and use pillows for support.

Post 2

I'm in my second trimester and I have chronic constipation and back pain symptoms. Has anyone experienced the same during their pregnancy? Do you have any recommendations?

Post 1

I had constipation and back pain for a while after my back surgery. My back pain was due to the surgery and my constipation was due to my pain medications. It took me a while to figure out why I was getting constipated. I mentioned this to my doctor and he said that it's a common side effect of the pain relieving medications I'm on.

The constipation resolved after I stopped taking the medications. My back pain took longer to go away but physical therapy was very helpful.

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