What are Common Banking Interview Questions?

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In a job interview for a banking position, the interviewer starts out with general banking interview questions about why the applicant wants that particular job and advances to more specific questions related to terms and knowledge for that particular field of banking. An investment banker will answer banking interview questions about the stock market and explain what important terminology, such as cost of capital, means. A more general banking position such as that of a teller will focus on more general questions about why the candidate is the most qualified for the position. Math questions and problem solving are a possibility to ensure the candidate knows the required math and finance skills for the role. Preparing a list of practice banking interview questions and practicing the answers in front of a mirror is the best way a potential employee can take the stress and worry out of a banking interview.


Most interviews start out with general questions, and a banking interview is no different. Regardless of the position, the interviewer will want to know why the candidate chose to apply for that job, why the bank should pick that candidate over all the others, and where the candidate sees herself five or ten years down the road. In a role such as banking, the employer wants a solid, reliable employee who will work hard and stick around for many years to come. If the candidate is not particularly interested in the job or plans to leave after a year or two, the employer will not want to hire her.

Next, the interviewer will move on to specific questions. To prepare for these banking interview questions, the candidate should review the latest news in the field she's applying for and review key terms related to that field. Knowing the current state of the stock market and what type of stock she would currently recommend clients invest in is always key knowledge to have for specific finance and investment position interviews. Not all banking jobs deal with stocks and investment decisions; these positions may focus on how a bank works and general responsibilities such as reading and cashing checks, making change, and working with computers.

Finally, the interviewer may ask more personal questions about the candidate's skills and weaknesses. It's best to be honest without providing too much information. Admitting to many flaws will look bad, but if a candidate admits a specific area she's struggled with in the past and details how she went about improving those skills, it will impress the interviewer. For a candidate to really win points in her favor, she should provide real examples from her previous work experience instead of throwing out buzzwords. If she states she has "good people skills" the interviewer will not be overly impressed, but detailing how she solved a complicated customer relations problem at her past job will show the interviewer she is a reliable candidate who expresses herself eloquently.


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