What are Collapsible Utensils?

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As a space saving measure, nothing can beat the use of collapsible utensils. Usually made of hard plastic or metal mesh, collapsible utensils fold into much smaller dimensions than their “solid” counterparts. The result is that collapsible utensils are a great way to bring order to a messy kitchen drawer or cabinet. They also help to create space for a wider array of useful kitchen gadgets, without loading down the storage areas. Here are some examples of handy collapsible utensils that should be in every kitchen.

One of the single most popular collapsible utensils is the collapsible colander. From the body that folds into a small space to the collapsible legs that support the colander when open and in use, this favored collapsible utensil is one that will make all the difference in the world. Instead of taking up space in a cabinet or cupboard, the folding colander can easily slide into a kitchen drawer when not in use. Like most colanders, there are both plastic and light metal versions of the collapsible variety, with the plastic coming in an array of decorator colors.


Another example of popular folding utensils is the collapsible funnel. Available in a number of sizes, these funnels use the same principle as a periscope, with sections of the funnel extending and collapsing into one another. As with the colander, the collapsing funnel will compress to a fraction of its extended size, making it very easy to store the unit in a kitchen drawer.

The collapsing strainer or sifter works along the same lines as the colander, in that the sections fold in on one another, then fold out and lock into position for use. It is easy to sift oils, flour and other baking need thorough the collapsible strainer, so trapping unwanted particles and separating them from the cooking ingredient takes no time at all. The folding strainer is also a great way to separate eggs quickly and easily. A little soap and water is all it takes to clean these hand collapsible utensils and have them ready for more use.

Additional types of collapsible utensils are on the market today. For example, there is a collapsible measuring cup. Currently, it is easy to find both one cup and two cup varieties of the folding types. Another option is the folding hand whisk, which features a folding handle and blades that fold flat for storage. In like manner, folding tongs also are gaining some recognition today. As with the whisk, the handles of the tongs fold over and the action end of the tongs fold flat against the handles. While the tongs and the whisks are made for both kitchen and camping use, they appear to owe much of their popularity to their ease of use for wilderness camping expeditions.


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