What are Cognition Enhancers?

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Cognition enhancers are medications and natural supplements that are used to improve the function of various human cognitive abilities when they have become impaired in some manner. Sometimes referred to as nootropics, or smart drugs, the cognition enhancers may be used to combat health conditions that interfere with the process of learning, motor control, and the maintenance of a healthy emotional state. A cognition enhancer may be in the form of a prescription medication or an over the counter product, such as nutritional supplements.

One good example of cognition enhancers would be in the area of mental health. Smart nutrients such as vitamin and herbal supplements are sometimes used to help restore balance to various types of neurochemicals in the brain. When the balance of such neurochemicals as serotonin and dopamine are out of balance, the individual may experience depression, anxiety, and a wide range of phobias that seriously impact the quality of life. While the evidence for these types of cognition enhancers remains mostly anecdotal, the use of herbs like St. John’s Wort and passionflower to help elevate mood and restore mental balance is common for many people. This is especially true for individuals who do not wish to use prescription cognition enhancers, such as anti-anxiety medications or antidepressants.


The use of cognition enhancers is also common in situations where some type of deterioration of the neural system has taken place. While the cognitive enhancers are usually not viewed as a way to reverse the deterioration, they may be used to slow or halt the progress of the condition. Nootropic drugs and herbal remedies are currently available to provide some degree of relief for people suffering with such conditions as Parkinson’s Disease and Alzheimer’s Disease.

The use of herbs and vitamin supplements to deal with temporary and relatively minor issues such as temporary stress or mild nervousness may work for many people. However, these types of cognition enhancers are not generally recommended for health issues such as clinical depression, panic disorders and permanent health conditions that impact the memory or basic motor skills. For serious and long term conditions, there is no substitute for seeing a qualified physician and making use of the appropriate prescription drugs available to alleviate various types of cognitive issues.


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