What are Coconut Cookies?

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Coconut cookies could describe any cookies that include coconut as an ingredient. Most commonly, coconut cookies benefit from the addition of coconut meat in grated or shredded form. The taste of this meat lends itself well to many baked treats because it can be crunchy and it has a slightly sweet finish.

Undoubtedly some of the best-known coconut cookies are coconut macaroons. These are popular year round but may be particularly enjoyed during celebrations of Passover when leavening is not permitted in the homes of many practicing Jews. Most coconut macaroon recipes are a combination of eggs, milk, shredded coconut and flavorings like almond extract. They don’t usually contain flour or any type of baking soda or baking powder. Those made in stores can vary by ingredients but there are many companies that create kosher macaroons if people don’t have time to make them.

Coconut doesn’t necessarily have to be the main feature of a cookie. A small amount can be added to traditional cookies like oatmeal, peanut butter or chocolate chip. Some cookies are based principally on featuring coconut taste. These can include various bars topped with coconuts, numerous butter based cookies, and refrigerator cookies, which can be sliced for quick baking.


Some cookies don’t contain coconut but are topped with it. Round cookies can be rolled in chocolate and then shredded coconut. Alternately, some sandwich cookies can be filled with things like raspberry jam and coconut or frostings made from creamed coconut.

A few recipes for coconut cookies are designed for those who must avoid gluten. Macaroons may frequently be gluten free, and other cookies combine things like eggs, dates, nuts and coconut to create sweet treats. Other cookie recipes that contain coconut are no bake, and might have ingredients like oats, raisins, and peanut butter.

Many people believe that coconut cookies are not complete if they don’t contain macadamia nuts. This is a traditional pairing in places where the coconut palm proliferates. Butter cookies redolent with macadamia nuts and shredded coconut are extremely rich and can be fun to prepare.

It’s hard to err when using coconut in cookies. It combines well with so many different flavors. Coconut cookies can mix flavors like those of fruit, chocolate, white chocolate, vanilla, caramel and nuts of various sorts. There are plenty of recipes for coconut cookies online and in cookbooks too. Those who love to bake will have trouble running out of recipes to try and can enjoy cookies with coconut in many variations.


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