What are Coach Shoes?

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Coach® shoes are designer pieces of footwear for women or men. These shoes are popular with wealthy individuals, socialites and celebrities. Many people buy a pair of Coach® shoes to match with a belt, bag or wallet. However, other people simply enjoy the classic look and comfort of a great pair of Coach® shoes.

Coach® shoes are pieces of footwear that are crafted and sold by the Coach® name brand. This brand has been known since 1941 for its high quality leatherwear and beautiful craftsmanship by some of the best artists in the world. Coach® shoes are crafted in the some of the finest leather and fabric available and with styles for many occasions. From a day at the office to an afternoon of recreation and then a night dancing at a club, Coach® offers a selection of shoes for both men and women. In fact, some styles can be worn comfortably all day long.

When looking for the perfect Coach® shoe keep in mind each of the following three elements:


  • Style: a boot may be ideal for one outfit, but a heel or flat may be necessary for other pieces of clothing.
  • Material: while Coach® is known for its leatherwear, shoes are available in other materials, such as the Coach® signature fabric and suede.
  • Originality: there are a lot of imitators out there. Look for original Coach® labels and an accurate price tag. Without these items, the shoe may not a real Coach® shoe.

Faux Coach® products are commonly sold on the street corners of large cities and on certain Internet sites. Beware of fake Coach® shoes as they are lower quality versions that may fall apart, hurt a person’s feet or both. These types of shoes can give all designer brands, not just Coach® a negative reputation.

Though luxurious, Coach® shoes are not made solely for their high end style. In fact, Coach® prides itself on creating products which are functional as well as elegant. Every strap, buckle or tie on a Coach® shoe has a working purpose in the function of the shoe and they help to create a strong and long lasting piece of footwear.


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@Logicfest -- if you don't live near an outlet mall, you can still get outlet prices directly through the company at its Internet site. Be warned, however -- they also have purses on sale and there are some people who find the prices to be impossible to resist.

Few things make us husbands flinch more than a wife who has "saved money" at a Coach store.

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Keep in mind that you could pay retail or find a deal or two at an outlet mall. The Coach store is quite the draw at outlet malls and people do report realizing considerable deals at them.

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