What are Clip on Sunglasses?

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Many people need to wear prescription eyeglasses, and eyewear can be very expensive. While some people also purchase prescription sunglasses, others prefer the convenience, availability, and affordable price of clip on sunglasses. These clip right onto regular eyeglasses, allowing the wearer to see clearly while shading and protecting the eyes.

There are many different types and styles of clip on sunglasses available, from those that prevent glare and protect against ultraviolet (UV) rays to floating ones that are perfect for water sports like boating or fishing. If your floating clip on sunglasses happen to get knocked into the water, they float, so they won’t get lost. Even if they do get lost, scratched, or broken, which are common occurrences with any type of sunglasses, you can replace them much more easily than ordering another pair of prescription sunglasses. You won’t have to wait for them or spend a lot of extra money; you can simply pick up another pair or keep an extra pair on hand.


While older versions were often bulky or unattractive, today they come in different varieties, such as rimless styles, which are lighter and offer a more streamlined appearance. Clip on sunglasses are offered in everything from the simplest styles to high end designer fashions. Since they are more affordable than prescription sunglasses, some people choose more than one pair so they can wear different styles for different outings. Many are designed to be conveniently flipped up when entering a building or when the sun passes behind clouds. There are also holders that you can purchase to attach to the visor in your car so you can store your sunglasses and keep them handy.

If you are more concerned with protection than style, don’t worry. Clip on sunglasses also offer protection from harmful rays. Blublocker High Resolution sunglasses help protect your eyes from damage by blocking UV and blue spectrum light rays, while polarized lenses offer the benefit of reducing reflection and high glare for your protection and comfort.


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