What are Clever Foods?

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Clever foods are designed specifically to boost brain power and keep the body healthy. Clever foods are big business around the world. More and more people are looking to foods that have that special added ingredient. It seems that low fat, low sugar foods are now no longer enough. But is the extra money paid for clever foods actually worth it?

One of the largest growth areas in clever foods is probiotics. Sales of yogurts and drinks containing probiotics have jumped significantly in the past few years. Probiotics are good bacteria that add to the good bacteria already found in the body and help to boost the immune system.

Despite the popularity of these foods, experts have stated that there is absolutely no scientific evidence to back up the claims of the probiotic companies. Experts say that you would need to drink at least five liters of the drink a day to see any change. The problem with probiotics is that the manufacturers do not clearly define the effects that the drinks will have on the consumer.

Clever foods such as omega-3 fish oils have been found to have a significant effect on brain function. Scientific research has reported that omega-3 can increase learning abilities and concentration levels. Since this revelation has come to light, food manufacturers have tried to incorporate omega-3 into a host of food products.


Milk, bread and eggs have all appeared on the supermarket shelves with added omega-3. A lot of these products have been marketed with children in mind. Advertisements play on parents' hopes that their children's brainpower can be boosted by clever foods.

However, it seems that the best clever foods are ones that have been eaten for centuries. Fresh fruit and vegetables, chicken, fish, eggs, nuts and seeds have all been proven to optimize brain function. These foods are all excellent at providing the energy required for hours of intellectual activity. They also release neurotransmitters in the brain that activate memory and help process and store information.

Foods that are high in essential fatty acids are excellent clever foods. The brain is made up of almost 70% fat. The body needs foods that contain essential fatty acids, because the body cannot produce them. Processed foods are very low in essential fatty acids.

You can boost your intake of clever foods by eating a good, healthy breakfast. Boiled or scrambled eggs and wholemeal toast are excellent clever foods. The fat and protein content in bacon and eggs also make them excellent clever foods.

Experts claim that the most beneficial brain foods are fish and fish oils. Tuna, mackerel, salmon and sardines are all excellent at boosting brain function. It may be a task trying to get children to eat them, but they are the best clever foods on the market, and your children may be grateful come exam time.


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