What Are Chisel Markers?

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Chisel markers are types of markers that come in a variety of colors and are designed for use on many different surfaces. The name comes from the shape of the marker tips, which is usually angled to provide different widths for use while writing or drawing. These markers are often used for writing on glass, mirrors, or white boards, though permanent chisel markers can also be used for making posters, writing on metal or plastic, and drawing on fabric. Chisel markers are used by a number of different professionals and may be used for artistic works as well.

Also called chisel tip markers, chisel markers are used in a number of different ways, often depending on the type of ink or pigment found in the marker. These markers take their name from the shape of the tip used to apply pigment. The tips are usually shaped with a tapered edge, somewhat similar to a chisel, and are often angled as well. This provides the user with a number of widths and line densities that can be applied, based on how the markers are held and moved along a surface.


Chisel markers are often made using a number of different types of pigments, allowing them to be used in a wide range of applications. Dry erase markers, also called white board markers, are often made with a chisel tip. This allows them to be used in as many different applications as possible, from simply writing instructions or lessons on a dry erase board to drawing subtle and complex pictures using a variety of colors and line widths. Chisel markers are, therefore, often found in boardrooms and classrooms for use with whiteboards.

Some chisel markers can also be used for more utilitarian and practical purposes. Permanent markers can be made with chisel tips, often providing sturdier tips that do not bend or fray through use. These types of markers can be used to create signs and posters or to mark boxes for packing, moving, or storage.

Since chisel markers are often permanent, they also work well for various artistic endeavors. These markers can typically draw on a wide range of surfaces, from glass and plastic to metal and fabric, making them ideal for artists working in a number of different mediums. Such markers are frequently used to make lines or marks where different materials are going to be cut, joined, or otherwise altered, in which case the color of the marker is not important and may even fade over time.


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