What are Cherry Tomatoes?

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Cherry tomatoes are slightly smaller and sweeter than conventional tomatoes. They are a popular variety of tomato all over the world, and they can be found in a wide assortment of dishes from Mexico to Asia. They are also remarkably easy to grow, and they mature quickly in temperate zones. Since cherry tomatoes can get costly at the grocery store, some consumers prefer to grow them at home, where they can flourish like weeds under the right conditions.

Many cherry tomatoes are about the size of a thumb tip, and sometimes somewhat larger. They are often about cherry sized, which is probably how the small tomatoes got their name. They are round to oblong, with colors which may range from green-streaked heirloom varieties to rich, glossy red. Despite being small in size, cherry tomatoes are packed with flavor, and they are often quite sweet to boot.

There are a number of uses for cherry tomatoes. They can be used like regular tomatoes in a number of recipes, although cooks should take the sweetness into account. They are excellent in salads and other appetizers, and can be used whole or cut in half. Some cooks enjoy roasting or grilling them, while others eat them raw as snack tomatoes. This wiseGEEK author happens to like them in guacamole and salsas. The sweetness of cherry tomatoes can complement a wide range of foods, and it intensifies with cooking.


To grow cherry tomatoes at home, start by sprouting seedlings in a greenhouse or purchasing seedlings from a garden store. Plant the seedlings after the last frost in rich soil worked with compost and mulch. The plants prefer a bright, sunny spot with minimal wind, and they should be staked so that the vines have room to grow. Staking also keeps the fruit off the ground. Water the cherry tomatoes well when planting, and water every two to three days. Try to keep water off the leaves, and fertilize approximately every two weeks.

Within weeks, the seedlings will start to produce small yellow flowers, which will mature into cherry tomatoes. The tomatoes can be picked when they are glossy and evenly colored, except in the case of streaked heirloom tomatoes. A handful of plants will produce a large volume of the small tomatoes, especially once they really get going in the hot summer months. In cooler climates, cherry tomatoes do best in a greenhouse, especially if temperatures get below 64 degrees Fahrenheit (18 degrees Celsius).


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Post 5

I love the taste of fresh tomatoes, but cherry tomatoes were never my favorite until I tried this recipe for roasted cherry tomatoes.

It is so easy and a great way to use up some of your extras. Just drizzle the cherry tomatoes with some olive oil, sprinkle with salt and pepper and roast in a hot oven for about 10 minutes.

This really brings out the flavor, and I will often add other fresh vegetables at the same time.

Post 4

If I am going to plant tomatoes, I always include a few cherry tomato plants in my garden. They do get quite large, so I have had the best luck when I stake them. But just a few plants is more than enough than we need.

I use some of them in making salsa, and like them fresh in salads, but I also give some away to people who love fresh vegetables, but don't have a garden.

Post 3

I always plant cherry tomatoes along with other kinds of tomatoes in my garden every year. It seems like the cherry tomatoes are so prolific, that just one plant can produce hundreds of cherries.

One of the things I like best about cherry tomatoes is that they are so easy. Because they are so little and sweet, all you need to do is wash them and add them to your salad. I don't even cut them in half when I do this.

I also like to eat them while I am picking them. When they are picked fresh from the vine after they have ripened in the warm sun, they are hard to resist and oh so sweet.

Post 2

Your article has helped me a lot with my science fair experiment!

Post 1

One cup of cherry tomatoes is only about 30 calories. They are sweet, and delicious in salads. Like the rest of tomatoes, they ripen best at room temperature.

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