What Are Cheesecake-Stuffed Strawberries?

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Cheesecake-stuffed strawberries are berries filled with a cheesecake based cream. The filling used to create this dessert is slightly different than that used in traditional cheesecakes in that both eggs and milk have been removed so that the dessert does not requiring baking. The cream cheese, combined with sugar and vanilla, captures the full flavors of cheesecake, however, without these missing ingredients. The strawberries, once filled, are typically ready to be served to guests immediately, though they can keep in the refrigerator up to two days.

This type of delicacy is typically served as a type of dessert finger food or sweet appetizer. The naturally sweet flavor of the strawberries compliments the somewhat sweet but savory nature of the cream cheese. Any type of topping may be used to compliment the cheesecake-stuffed strawberries, and several different toppings may be preferred by the chef when serving to a large party to create a variety of flavors from which guests can choose.


The strawberries should first have all stems and hard top surfaces removed. This may be accomplished using a small paring knife and working carefully around the edge of the berries until both green and white parts are removed. The insides of the strawberries are typically already hollow, however if this is not the case, any interior pit may be removed with a knife or spoon. Large berries often work best when creating cheesecake-stuffed strawberries to allow a maximum amount of room for the intended filling. The bottoms of the strawberries can be flattened so that the berries stand upright after they have been filled by slicing off a small portion of the rounded base with a knife.

The cheesecake filling may be whipped together using softened cream cheese, vanilla extract, and confectioner's sugar. These ingredients should be blended until thoroughly mixed and then placed in an icing pipette bag. Other extracts may be substituted for the vanilla to invent alternative flavorings, such as almond, lemon, and rum. A standard plastic bag may also be used when a baker's pipette is not available to allow for easy squeeze based filling. The cheesecake mixture should then be squeezed into each individual strawberry until all of the batter has been used.

Crumbled graham crackers are a common choice as a topping over cheesecake-stuffed strawberries. These crackers may be crumbled by hand and placed in a large bowl. The individual filled strawberries can then be dipped in the graham crackers and placed on a serving platter. Crumbled chocolate cookies may be substituted for this item and used as an alternative topping in addition to drizzled chocolate, chopped pecans, or chocolate shavings.


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