What Are Cheesecake Cupcakes?

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The term "cupcake" refers to cakes that are made in individual portions. Historically, cupcakes were cooked in teacups, which created their characteristically small size, both for convenience and for a shorter cooking time. Now they typically are baked in a cupcake pan with special liners made specifically for them. Cheesecake cupcakes are simply cheesecake batter made into these individual portion sizes. They can be made in a variety of cheesecake flavors using different types of cheese.

Cheesecake has been made since ancient times, when it was often provided as an offering for religious purposes or a hostess gift. Over the years, various incarnations of cheesecake have been developed using cheeses such as ricotta, cream cheese, neufchatel and cottage cheese. Fruit, chocolate and many other flavors have been added to create new and exciting variations of the traditional dessert. The varieties of cheesecake cupcakes that can be created are only limited by ingredients and imagination.


Cupcakes no longer use teacups to form their small shapes but rather have baking equipment made specifically for them. The small desserts are popular in many occasions because they are less messy than pieces of cake. They do not require plates or forks to eat, because they come wrapped in liners and are held in the hand. This means that cheesecake cupcakes are perfect for people to eat while walking or talking to others. Many children and adults alike enjoy their small size, and cupcakes have begun to take more elegant forms than ever before.

There are different sizes of cheesecake cupcakes that can be created depending on the size of the baking tin and liners. Mini cupcakes are even smaller than regular cupcakes and are used for bite-sized treats. Medium-sized cupcake tins are used for traditionally sized desserts, and there are large tins for larger cupcakes. The cooking time for the cheesecake cupcakes will vary depending on the size of the cupcake tins that are being used.

Plain cheesecake batter generally consists of cream cheese, cream, eggs and sugar. Toppings such as melted chocolate or cherries are sometimes added on top for decoration and additional flavor. Different flavors also can be added to the batter to create swirled varieties of cheesecake. Cheesecake cupcakes can be made from any of these types of cheesecakes and decorated with similar ingredients on top.


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