What Are Cheese Muffins?

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Cheese muffins are a type of baked goods prepared in individual portions and eaten for breakfast, with tea, as a snack, with dinner, or for dessert. Some type of cheese is incorporated with other ingredients to create a savory muffin. The cheese that is used in a cheese muffin can be any type, but is generally cheddar, creating a muffin with the cheese mixed all throughout the muffin. Another type of cheese muffin holds the cheese in the center of the muffin. Cream cheese is generally used for this type of stuffed muffin.

Cheese muffins, like any type of muffin, are made with some type of flour. It may be all-purpose flour, wheat flour, or a combination of the two. Baking soda or baking powder cause the muffin to rise slightly. The amount of sugar used varies, depending on whether a sweet or savory cheese muffin is desired. Eggs hold the ingredients together.

Some type of butter, oil, sour cream, or shortening is generally used. The large quantities of butter or shortening ensure the muffin will be moist. One drawback is that the muffin is usually high in fat content, although non-fat sour cream can replace the butter or oil.


Generally, cheese muffins incorporate cheddar, or another type of hard cheese, into a basic, plain muffin. Other ingredients that are complementary to cheese can be included. Corn and cheese muffins can be prepared with packaged corn muffin mix, cottage cheese, and cheddar cheese to produce an interesting combination of tastes. The bacon and cheese muffin is perfect for breakfast. Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese produces a savory muffin that pairs well with dinner or soup, or as a snack.

Cream cheese muffins are savory muffins that are like a cupcake, although they aren't as sweet. This type of muffin may be made with more sugar than a savory or plain muffin. Cream cheese is mixed with powdered sugar and placed in the middle of the muffin. A topping can be made by cutting ice-cold butter into a flour and sugar mixture, using a pastry cutter, a fork, or two knives.

A muffin tin is a baking tray with individual receptacles for muffins or cupcakes. The size of the muffin can vary, but it can be held in one hand. The muffin tray should be greased with butter or non-stick spray before placing the batter in the pan. Cupcake liners can also be used, although cheese muffins may have a tendency to stick to the paper.


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