What are Chakra Stones?

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Chakra stones are various types of stones used for healing therapy. The stones are placed on certain areas of the body to help balance out the chakras. Negative energies can block emotional well being, mental capacities, and psychic abilities. Chakra stones can cleanse the negative energies and restore the chakra system so that it functions properly. There are seven main chakra zones on the body.

From the base of the spine to the top of the head, there are centers of energy known as chakras. They are thought to be circular spinning wheels of light in the energetic system. Each energy center governs certain glands within the body. For example, the spleen chakra relates to the pancreas and it regulates emotions and sexuality. The heart chakra relates to the thymus gland and it regulates the ability to love and to be at peace with one’s self.

Each chakra has related chakra stones that help to promote cleansing and healing. Depending on where the illness or health problems are, the chakra stones are placed directly over the relating gland. If there is a problem with the throat or the base of the neck, a yellow agate, turquoise, or blue lace stone can help with the problem and this relates to the thyroid gland. When there are difficulties with the pineal gland, amethyst, crystals, or clear quartz can be used.


Chakra stones are balanced on the body during meditation and this is called chakra balancing. Meditating in this manner is said to increase physical awareness. It can also increase subtle energies and enhance the ability to detect negative energy. This may be a way to stop imbalances before they manifest themselves within the physical body.

Negative energies can be picked up by the chakra stones themselves, so they must be cleaned often. The stones can be held over incense smoke for a few minutes or soaked in a salt-water solution for three hours. Stones can also be placed under running water or gathered together in a mesh bag and placed in a stream or river for a few hours. Burying is another cleaning technique and it involves placing stones in cloth and burying them in shallow dirt for 24 hours for a complete cleansing.

There are a few types of chakra stones that can be used to improve more than one chakra zone. When the stone relates to an energy system, it can be used in various places. The more chakra stones used to improve an area, the better the chances are that it will be healed.


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