What are Chakra Chants?

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Many ancient Indian, or Vedic, beliefs are based on the principle that all human bodies contain energy centers, which are called chakras. The word “chakra” is Sanskrit for “wheels.” It is believed that the chakras are associated with all mental, physical and spiritual developments, and that people who have unhappy or stressful lives have unbalanced chakra energies. In this system of beliefs, there are seven chakra zones in each person, and each has a corresponding vibration. Chakra chants are utilized to open blocked or closed-off chakras.

The first chakra, which is called the root chakra, is located at the genital area in the physical body. All the basic life needs, such as shelter and food, are associated with this chakra. When it is imbalanced, a person might feel insecure or scared all the time. The chakra chants to rebalance and open this chakra are the repeated use of the word “lam.” In all the chakra chants, the “a” is pronounced as in “ah.”

The second chakra is the sacral chakra, located just below the naval area. This chakra is associated with the sex drive and reproductive organs. When a person has a blocked chakra in this area, he or she might have problems with fertility or sexual guilt. The chakra chants to rebalance and open this chakra are the repeated use of the word “vam.”


The naval, or solar plexis, chakra is the third chakra, and it is situated at the stomach. It is where the emotions are believed to come from, and when it is blocked, the person might feel as if they are a victim or have no personal power. Repeating the word “ram” in a sequence is the most common chant for this chakra.

The heart chakra is the fourth chakra, and it is located at the chest. Many people have blockages in this area because of broken hearts and lost loves. When this chakra is blocked, the person might have immunity or heart health problems and feel a lack of compassion for others. The most popular chakra chants to open it are the repeating of the word "yam.”

The throat chakra is the fifth one, and it is located at the neck area. This chakra is associated with creativity and communication. People who always seem to have miscommunication and expression problems might have a blocked throat chakra. To clear this with chakra chants, the word “ham” should be repeated over and over.

The sixth chakra is the third eye, which is connected to clairvoyance, dreams and psychic energy. It is located at the forehead, in between the eyebrows. Chanting the word “om” over and over is believed to clear blockages in this chakra. The final chakra is the crown chakra, which is located at the top of the head. It is believed to connect the person to God, and its chakra chant is the sound of “ng.”


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Post 3

@bear78-- I suggest trying a chakra chant CD.

Although it's best to chant yourself, if you are having trouble starting out, a chant CD might help. Just get into a comfortable position and listen to the chant. Chant along with the music if you can. This is what I do on some days and I find it very helpful.

I have a blocked root chakra, I suffer from chronic anxiety. I tried many different things for anxiety and chakra chants, along with a healthy diet and yoga have helped the most. I feel so calm after chanting, my anxiety goes away.

Post 2

@bear78-- For those who are not used to it, chanting can be a difficult experience at first. But if you continue, I'm sure you will benefit. I think it's also important to believe that chakra chants will help. If you don't believe that it's going to work, then it probably won't.

I agree with you that repeating the sounds can be tiring, but when you're tired, you can take a break. Chakra chants should never be an uncomfortable experience. Just the contrary, you should feel relaxed and at peace while chanting. Try not to think about anything and just concentrate on the sounds.

Post 1

I tried chakra chants but they didn't help. I didn't think that my problems could be solved by repeating certain sounds anyway, so I can't say I was disappointed.

The issue I had was lack of concentration. It was difficult to repeat the chants and I felt tired and bored quickly. Maybe if I could continue on, it would help.

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