What are Cardboard Cartons?

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Cardboard cartons can refer to a number of things used for storage or packaging material, or for a number of other uses. There are two different types of cardboard that may be used in the manufacture of cardboard cartons.

Corrugated cardboard is the most common type of cardboard, made of a wavy, corrugated piece of cardboard sandwiched in between two pieces of flat cardboard. Corrugated cardboard is sturdy and often used to make cardboard boxes, cardboard bins and cardboard cartons, and is also used for packaging materials. The second type of cardboard is a flat cardboard known as paperboard; it is a heavy paper used for cereal boxes, shoe boxes and tissue boxes, along with milk and juice cartons.

Cardboard cartons are boxes of various sizes that may be used for storage, moving, or packaging materials for mailing. One might use cardboard cartons for storing seasonal clothes, holiday decorations or unused possessions out of the way in an attic, closet or basement. The various sizes of cardboard boxes available are convenient for use when packing up a house and moving to a new location, because the sturdy material withstands heavier use and prevents damage to fragile items.


Smaller cardboard boxes are used in packaging materials for mailing and shipping many different types of items. Fragile items can be packed in cardboard cartons for extra protection. Cardboard boxes are also sturdier for mailing heavier items such as books, DVDs, or any large, bulky item.

Cardboard is easily recyclable, making it a more environmentally friendly choice for packing and shipping materials. Cardboard is also sturdy enough to be used more than once, which can help reduce costs and help the environment at the same time. Cardboard cartons can be used for compost materials or dry leaves, to make animal beds, craft projects, or cut down and used on the floor in a workshop to prevent oil or paint stains, just to name a few options. Cardboard milk and juice cartons are also great for craft projects, and they are in great supply.

If you need cardboard cartons to ship items for a business, they can often be ordered online in bulk. For moving purposes, most discount stores and larger hardware stores will have cardboard boxes available for purchase, or you can check with your local supermarket to see if they will give you any leftover cardboard boxes. Supermarkets will occasionally accept old cardboard boxes as well, but be sure to call first and check.


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