What are Candy Molds?

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Candy molds are devices that are used to create candy in a wide range of shapes and types. One of the more popular examples of the candy mold is the soft sheet mold that houses a number of cavities used to create multiple pieces of candy. Commercial candy molds are sometimes fashioned from metal as well, often stainless steel.

The sheet candy mold can be used to create various types of homemade candy. Hard candy molds make it possible to create fruit flavored hard candies in basic shapes such as round, square, and rectangular candies. There are also molds for hard candies that come in shapes ranging from cartoon characters to many other types of novelty items. These molds can also be configured to allow the hard candy to set with the inclusion of a stick in the candy, effectively creating hard candy suckers.

In like manner, the soft candy mold is ideal for creating candies using chocolate and similar ingredients. The candy shape for these softer candies runs the same range as for the hard candies. This makes it possible to use the candy molds to create unique candies for holidays, weddings, and other special occasions.


Along with commercially produced candy molds, it is also possible to have molds custom made in a variety of shapes and sizes. This is not uncommon for restaurants and catering services that prefer to have candy molds in specific shapes and specific sizes. While more expensive, these customized candy molds require very little in the way of maintenance and will last for a number of years.

Candy molds are not used just for the creation of visually appealing candies. It is not unusual for the molds to be used to make unique soaps as well. As with the candy recipes, the soap recipes often call for the ingredients to be in semi-liquid form when poured into the cavity of the mold. Plastic candy molds are especially good for this type of activity, since the sheet molds are easy to bend slightly and release the dried candy or soap from the mold without any damage to the product.

Along with soaps, candy molds can also be used to create unique gelatin based shapes, candles, and decorative butter or cream cheese buds for use at a formal table. The soft molds can even be used to create plaster and cement objects that may be used as decorating accents around the home.

Purchasing candy molds is a relatively easy process. Kitchen shops, restaurant supply stores, and many retailers that carry candy making supplies will offer at least a few basic molds. Mass produced molds are relatively inexpensive, and normally require nothing more than a periodic cleaning using lukewarm water.


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Thanks for the candy making tip, Talentryto. I've never made candy with chocolate candy molds before, but I plan to start this Easter season. I want my chocolate bunnies to look perfect!

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I love making themed chocolates during different holidays throughout the year. However, I have learned from experience not to overfill candy making molds. If you do, the individual candy pieces will not look right, and the excess chocolate will not always break off evenly.

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