What are Calendar Magnets?

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Calendar magnets are thin flexible magnets faced with a calendar. Usually, the facing covers a full twelve-month period and includes the name and contact information for a business or non-profit organization. Magnets of this type are popular promotional tools, and are usually offered to existing customers as well as prospects.

There are several different types of calendar magnets used as promotional materials. The basic magnet is a small calendar that easily adheres to the side or front of a metal filing cabinet. This is a great way to have a full year calendar available at a glance. In addition to being convenient, the fact that the magnetic calendar also features the name and phone number for a vendor makes the device an inexpensive but effective public relations tool.

Along with the small promotional calendars, there are also larger versions that are similar in size and function to a desk blotter calendar. The face of these calendar magnets includes thirty-one squares that are large enough to create a calendar for the current month. There is also room to write notes in each of the squares, making the calendar magnet very handy in an office or home. While larger, the calendar magnet will still fit comfortably on the side of a file cabinet or refrigerator.


There are two basic types of magnets use to create these promotional calendars. One design type resembles a laminated sheet. This design has magnets attached to the back of the sheet, usually one at each corner. A second approach is a thin flexible body with a thin layer of magnetized material on the back.

Many different businesses and organizations produce calendar magnets for their target audience. Sports teams often order magnets that spotlight the dates and basic details for each game in the upcoming season. Office supply stores prepare magnets of this type so clients always have an phone number or web site address within easy reach at all times. Small, thin calendar magnets fit neatly into a standard business envelope, making it easy to send customers a new magnet through any postal system.

In terms of cost, calendar magnets are among the most inexpensive promotional materials to produce. They also do not take up a lot of room, which makes them ideal to take along to conventions, Chamber of Commerce exhibitions, and other events where potential customers are likely to be present. Small thin calendar magnets fit neatly into a standard business envelope, making it easy to send customers a new magnet through any postal system.

Many local printers can assist individuals and businesses in selecting a design and size for an order of calendar magnets. Generally, the magnets are ordered in lots of at least one hundred. For orders of a thousand or more, there is a good chance the printer will offer a discounted rate, making the calendar magnets and even more cost-effective promotional tool.


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