What Are Buttermilk Muffins?

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Buttermilk muffins are muffins that are made by using buttermilk in place of regular milk. Adding buttermilk to the muffin mixture instead of milk gives the muffin batter a slightly tangy taste that many people enjoy; this is because the taste of buttermilk has a close resemblance to sour cream. Using buttermilk will also give the muffin a more cake-like texture, which some people prefer over the regular texture of a muffin. Many bakers prefer the taste of buttermilk muffins made from scratch, and there are various add-ins that can be incorporated into a muffin recipe, such as fruit and spices.

One popular variety of buttermilk muffin is a cinnamon-buttermilk muffin. Cinnamon is often combined with sugar, so the sweetness makes it a good choice for breakfast or as a treat. With only a handful of ingredients such as cinnamon, buttermilk and eggs, these muffins are inexpensive and bake in less than half an hour, which make them a common pick for people who like to bake but have little time to do so. Drizzling warm icing over the top of cinnamon-buttermilk muffins can give them extra flavor.


The versatility of the buttermilk muffin recipe makes it a good base for creating many different types of muffins. Fresh fruit, such as berries and diced apples; fruit preserves; and even nuts can be easily added into a standard recipe for buttermilk muffins. In many cases, these add-ins can be incorporated into the mix with little to no change to the original recipe itself. When using frozen fruit in a muffin recipe, it is typically best for the baker to bake the berries frozen; this will keep the juices from bleeding into the mixture, causing a mushy muffin.

To make standard buttermilk muffins, flour, sugar, baking powder, baking soda, and salt are combined with an egg, buttermilk, oil, and vanilla. The wet and dry ingredients are mixed separately and then folded together before being portioned out into a muffin pan. The muffins are baked for about 25 minutes, then allowed to cool before being removed from the pan.


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