What are Bug Vacuums?

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A bug vacuum is a specially designed portable vacuum which is intended to pick up insects and other small household pests. The advantage of a bug vacuum is that it is quick, efficient, and non-messy, allowing people to dispatch insect invaders quickly and with a minimum of fuss. Electronics and home supply stores may stock bug vacuums, and they can also be ordered through online retailers in a wide variety of styles and designs.

To use a bug vacuum, someone turns it on and points it at the unwanted invader. The vacuum sucks the bug into a holding chamber which does not permit the bug to escape; some insect vacuums also deliver a brief jolt of electricity to kill the bug. When the holding chamber is full, the bugs can be dumped, and the process can begin again. In addition to being used indoors, bug vacuums can also serve on the patio and in the garden during periods of insect infestation.

Flyswatters, newspapers, and similar tools can leave unsightly smears when they are used to kill insect invaders. A bug vacuum eliminates this risk, and makes it easier to get rid of the insect by being usable from a distance, so the suction pulls the bug up before it can scurry or fly off. In some instances, bug vacuums hold the insects alive in the chamber, for people who would prefer not to kill the bugs that they catch.


A bug sucker is an excellent alternative to more toxic forms of pest control. While insects can be extremely annoying around the house, dealing with poisons, sprays, flypaper, and so forth can be irritating and time consuming, especially in a house where you have to keep pets and children away from your bug deterrent of choice. A bug vacuum is safe to use and nontoxic, and some younger members of the household may even enjoy using it.

A good bug vacuum should come with a long attachment wand, allowing you to reach into high and narrow corners. Many are run with batteries, so that users will not be tripped up with a long cord, and some come with charging stations or docks which keep the bug vacuum charged and ready for use. You can also find bug vacuums which are designed for more educational use, with a clear holding chamber for the bugs which allows people to look at them before setting them free.


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