What Are Broiled Tomatoes?

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When looking for a healthy, easy, and versatile side dish to accompany any meal, broiled tomatoes are a good option. These are tomatoes that have been prepared, placed on a baking or broiling pan, and cooked under the heat of the oven's broiler until tender. Tomatoes prepared this way can be broiled halved or sliced, and may be dressed and seasoned to suit ones specific taste. Eating tomatoes — broiled or raw — is a good way to add an extra bit of nutrition to one’s diet.

Preparing for a dish of broiled tomatoes is quick and easy, even for beginner cooks. Basic ingredients needed to make a traditional dish of broiled tomatoes are tomatoes, olive oil, three to four cloves of minced garlic, kosher salt and black pepper. The size of the tomato used is dependent on one’s personal preference, but, larger tomato varieties are suggested. Preheat your oven's broiler rack, and spray a baking or broiler sheet with cooking spray. Next, place the tomatoes on the baking sheet and drizzle with olive oil; spread the oil evenly across the tomato before sprinkling all remaining ingredients, and broil in the oven until tender; being careful not to burn the tomato.


Another ingredient variation when preparing broiled tomatoes is to top them with herbs and cheese. After using the standard ingredients, sprinkle the top of the tomatoes with herbs such as oregano, rosemary or thyme; and then top with freshly grated Parmesan cheese. Mozzarella, or any other gooey cheese will work nicely when placed over the topped of broiled tomatoes as well.

A tomato that has been broiled can also be consumed chilled for a fun twist on a recipe. Broil as usual, and place the tomatoes in a refrigerator until chilled. Drizzle a small amount of extra virgin olive oil over the tomato along with red or white vinegar, and eat alone or place over a vinegar pasta salad or a salad of baby greens.

Not only are broiled tomatoes delicious, they are a healthy and nutritious option to turn to. Having a tomato is an excellent way to get a source of an antioxidant known as lycopene. This type of antioxidant is a top contender against fighting cancerous cell formation in the body. The human body does not produce lycopene on its own, so it relies heavily upon outside sources, such as the tomato to get it. While it has been said that men benefit more from sources of lycopene, experts believe that it is equally important for the continued health of a women.


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