What are Breast Cancer Bracelets?

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It has become common for people to tell the world about the causes that are close to their hearts through jewelry. What started with colored ribbon pins has moved into other decorative yet issue-conscious touches like breast cancer bracelets.

The most popular breast cancer bracelets are a simple band of pink rubber that stretches to fit around any wrist. There is an inspirational message etched in each bracelet, such as "Share Beauty Spread Hope" or "I Will." They tend to be more popular with younger wearers, but anyone can enjoy them and their message.

This style of bracelet began with Lance Armstrong's yellow "Live Strong" design that raised money for general cancer research, and other styles quickly followed. These bracelets are popular because they are cheap, yet stylish, and many give one hundred percent of the proceeds to their respective causes. You can purchase them online and from some retailers.

Other kinds of breast cancer bracelets are closer to fine jewelry. They also may display messages like "Love Hope Faith," and there are a variety of styles, from fine crystal to gold. Some combine the idea of the breast cancer bracelet with the breast cancer awareness pink ribbon, perhaps on a charm.


While also fashionable, these types of breast cancer bracelets can be suitable for gifts and keepsakes. The amount of money that is donated for each purchase will vary from organization to organization. Like the rubber bracelets, they are also available from some retailers and online.

While breast cancer bracelets take several forms, they are united in the goals of honoring those who have battled the disease and promoting awareness. Whether you want to tell the world that you've survived cancer or you just think it's an important issue to keep in mind and support, breast cancer bracelets can fit the bill.


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Post 3

I had a friend who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Thankfully it was caught early and treatment was done right away. A year later we participated in the Susan G Komen walk in our local town. They had several vendors at the walk, and one of my favorites had breast cancer charm bracelets. I thought this was a very pretty and unique way of showing support.

It is amazing to think what can be done when many people work together for a cause. Because breast cancer is something that will continue to affect many families, becoming aware and showing support will continue to be very important. I would encourage everyone to take part in this walk if they have the opportunity.

Post 2

The pink breast cancer bracelets have really become quite popular. You can often tell the cause someone is supporting just by the color of bracelet they are wearing. In addition to the pink breast cancer wristbands, I have seen several women wearing pink bracelets made out of beads with the breast cancer symbol attached.

I think it is a great way to show support for those who have experienced this life changing diagnosis. Support and awareness can make a big difference.

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