What Are Bran Cereal Muffins?

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Bran cereal muffins are muffins that are baked with flour, milk, sugar, eggs, oil and, of course, bran cereal. These muffins are high in dietary fiber as well as many other essential nutrients, making them an excellent start to the day. Bran cereal muffins can be purchased from a local grocery store, but many people think that the best ones are muffins that are pulled fresh and hot from the oven.

Wheat bran cereals are best for making bran cereal muffins, because the texture and flavor are better than with other sources of bran, such as rice or corn. There are many bran muffin recipes available on the Internet, each with its own particular style and taste. Some bran muffins use dried fruit such as raisins or cranberries to add interest to the final product, and other recipes adhere strictly to the basic, age-old recipe. These muffins essentially are a basic muffin recipe with bran cereal added to the mixture, so the recipe can be as simple or as elaborate as the baker wishes.


Bran cereals have to be prepared before they can be used in the muffin recipe. The cereal needs to be crushed and then soaked either in hot water or in milk to soften the bran. If this step is skipped, the bran muffins will have an unpleasant, grainy texture instead of a smooth texture. If the bran is to be soaked in hot water, the bran-and-water mixture should be allowed to cool to room temperature before it is used. Milk and bran mixtures must be allowed to rest in the refrigerator for about half an hour.

The health benefits of increasing dietary fiber intake have been well documented. High-fiber diets can help to contribute to healthy weight loss and are believed to reduce the risk of diabetes and instances of certain types of cancer. Whole grains and fiber such as those found in bran cereal muffins can even help lower high cholesterol levels.

Many people grow up disliking bran muffins because of the perception that they are primarily intended for old folks and people who have digestive problems. By baking bran cereal muffins at home, the baker can easily adjust the recipe that he or she finds online to incorporate his or her own individual tastes. The result is a portable breakfast or snack item that is healthful and delicious.


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