What are Boy Briefs?

S. Gonzales

Boy briefs are a specific type of women's underwear. These undergarments serve the same purpose as panties, but instead of being designed like standard panties, they are cut to go down the hip and resemble shorts. They have gained popularity as both an undergarment and as a piece of loungewear.

Boy briefs underwear can be made of lace or other materials.
Boy briefs underwear can be made of lace or other materials.

The emergence of this style of underwear is relatively new. However, many women have adopted the style and made boy briefs a very popular alternative to standard panties. Boy briefs typically can be found in mainstream department stores alongside traditional undergarments. They also can be made of the same materials.

The most common types of materials that the briefs are created from include cotton-spandex blends and lace. The briefs also can be made out of less customary types of fabric, such as wool. Briefs can be created using a wide variety of fabrics and designs. Many options exist, so the selection of a particular brief over another is highly dependent on preference.

It's been said that boy briefs take their cue from men's knit boxer shorts and traditional boxer shorts. The name "boy briefs" might have arisen from their smaller cut and tighter fit. While their name might suggest an unfeminine look or cut, the opposite might be true, as certain parts of the anatomy can be emphasized because of the cut lines.

Some boy briefs can fully cover the buttocks, but others can employ a thong-like design on the back of the briefs. Thong-backed boy briefs are not standard, and those interested in briefs of this sort will likely have to look specifically for them. Additionally, the cut of the briefs can draw the eye to the upper thigh area. Unlike with French knickers, this area is not covered by the briefs.

Many women choose to wear boy briefs because they find their design attractive, but there can also be a practical purpose for their usage. The briefs do not result in a visible panty line under most clothes. Many women find the briefs to be more comfortable than standard panties or their racy thong counterparts. These undergarments are modest enough to be adopted as loungewear when paired with a camisole or another thin undershirt.

Boy briefs have gained enough popularity to have acquired a few different names. They can be referred to as boy short panties, boyleg briefs, boys' cut, shorties, booty shorts or tap panties. The term also can be used describe bathing suit bottoms that resemble the undergarment version.

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I have a couple pairs of boy briefs underwear in my drawer, but never wear them. I really should just throw them away because they keep getting pushed clear to the back of the drawer.

No matter what material I tried, I found them to bunch up and they didn't feel smooth. Maybe I am just too old to try new styles of underwear. I find myself going back to the same, comfortable style I have worn for years.

The last time I needed to buy new underwear I was almost overwhelmed by all the different choices. There are all kinds of styles, patterns and fabrics to choose from. I like a bikini-cut style that isn't too racy, but not too old fashioned.

Even with all the different choices of boy briefs, I don't think I will buy any more of them.


I bought a two piece swim suit that has boy brief bottoms. I will say I don't feel as feminine when wearing these bottoms, but they do a much better job of covering up my cellulite.

I don't feel comfortable wearing a swimming suit on any occasion, so having as much coverage as possible is a good thing for me.

It is nice to have options. This style isn't for everyone, but when it comes to wearing something to the beach or pool, I feel more comfortable in this than anything else.


@Oceana - When I buy boy briefs that are made of lace I feel much more feminine than I do with other kinds of material.

As long as they are longer and cover my whole bottom I don't have any trouble with them riding up.

Finding a solution to help with the panty lines has been a life saver. I want my underwear to be comfortable, not show a panty line, and not look like my grandmother's underwear.

I have found boy briefs to be a good solution for me. Not all of my underwear are boy briefs, but I find myself wearing them most of the time.


@Oceana – I did after I bought my first pair, but then I learned that there are many varieties of boy briefs. I tend to feel more feminine when I'm wearing the low-rise kind, because even though the legs have a bit more coverage, there is less material up top.

I know you probably wouldn't want to wear the lacy kind, since the texture might show through your skirt or slacks. However, you can find boy briefs that are shorter than others, and that might help you out.


I had been having issues with visible pantylines before trying boy briefs. I had even bought some smooth, silky panties that promised not to show underneath your clothes, but even they made light lines under my skirts.

I decided to try boy briefs, because their hem came down far enough that they couldn't possibly create lines. I was used to wearing bikini cut underwear, so it was a bit odd for me at first, but once I saw how well hidden they remained under my pants, I decided to make them a part of my regular wardrobe.

The only thing that bums me out about them is that I don't feel quite as feminine while wearing them. Has anyone else felt like this?


Just because boy briefs aren't made like bikinis doesn't mean they can't be stylish. I have been able to find several pair in bright colors and patterns, and I think that they are actually cuter than most ultra feminine underwear.

I have a bright pink and neon green pair that matches two of my bras, and I have a cherry print pair that I wear with a red bra. The most awesome thing is how comfortable they are without sacrificing style.

I know some people say it doesn't matter what your underwear looks like, because no one will see it, but it matters to me. I just feel better when I know that my undergarments match and look good. Pair that with comfort, and you can't get any better.


Boy shorts can be comfortable, or they can ride up if they aren't cut for comfort. I bought a lacy pair from a lingerie store, thinking that they would stay put because of their design. I was disappointed.

They gave me a major wedgie. I think it was because they didn't have enough material going down the hip to hold them in place. They were designed to be a bit racy, so naturally, the manufacturer didn't consider comfort important.

However, I bought a modest cotton pair from the same store, and they were wonderful. I never had any issues with them riding up, so I bought a bunch more of them.


@dfoster85 - I went to "granny panties" for the same reason. Tried thongs very briefly, didn't like them. I don't think that boy cut briefs flatter me (I know, it's just my underwear, but it makes a difference to how I feel). I buy low-rise women's briefs instead. I know, those aren't the sexiest underwear, either, but I feel like I get a sort of 50s chic going on that way!

The main thing to avoid panty lines is just to wear anything that doesn't cut across the "meat" of your butt, whether that's a thong (if that's your thing), boy shorts, granny panties, Spanx, whatever.


Boy brief underwear can be a much healthier alternative to wearing thongs. I've never gone for the "floss" sensation myself, but a friend of mine wore thongs almost every day to avoid that visible panty line.

But she developed recurrent yeast infections. Her gynecologist told her that the shape of thong underwear can act like a little railroad to move bacteria from the back to the front (ewwwww).

The first couple of times the doc told her to ditch the thongs, she just ignored it - you know how set in your ways you can get. And her doctor is a man and she figured he just didn't understand. But after the third infection in a year, she finally started listening. A female nurse who was in the room during her exam suggested the boy briefs as an alternative, and she hasn't had any infections since she switched over.

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