What are Bow Front Aquarium Cabinets?

R. Kayne

Bow front aquarium cabinets are built into an aquarium stand that is made for holding a bow front aquarium. A bow front aquarium differs from the standard aquarium in that the front panel of the tank is convex. This is thought by many to create a more interesting aquarium. However, it also creates a unique footprint that requires an aquarium stand built especially for the bow front tank. Hence, bow front aquarium cabinets.

A man working on a bow front aquarium stand.
A man working on a bow front aquarium stand.

A bow front aquarium cabinet has a matching canopy for sitting on top of the tank. The canopy holds lighting fixtures and gives the tank a finished look.

In most cases when one acquires a bow front aquarium, the stand and canopy will be purchased at the same time. Bow front aquarium stands come in a variety of designs, but virtually all have front cabinet doors to allow access inside the stand where filters and other equipment are kept. Some stands are designed with removable doors for maximum access to the interior of the stand.

Stands may be made of pine, maple, oak, cherry or other woods. Wood stands with natural finishes are the most expensive choice for bow front aquarium cabinets. Stands may also be made of acrylic with various painted finishes in black, white, or ivory. Medium density fiberboard (MDF) stands are also available in a variety of colors.

Many manufacturers of aquariums and stands also offer specialty finishes that mimic natural materials. Fauxstone, marble, brick, and granite are a few examples.

When choosing bow front aquarium cabinets most people naturally want something that goes with their décor. Bear in mind décor can change over time and the cost of the stand and canopy is a substantial investment. Therefore think carefully before making a final decision.

Bow front aquarium cabinets are a rich addition to any home and luckily, no matter what your décor or tastes, there is sure to be a bow front aquarium cabinet perfect for you.

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