What are Body Sculpting Workouts?

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Body sculpting workouts are exercise programs that are designed to help tone the muscles in specific areas of the body. There are several different forms of exercise that can be a part of a body sculpting program, depending on the area of the body requiring the sculpting. Among the more common types of exercise that make up a typical body sculpting program are dance moves, stretching exercises, and resistance training.

Dance steps are one of the single most enjoyable ways to get into the habit of engaging in body sculpting workouts several times a week. While most people think of dance as being a body sculpt strategy that mainly benefits the legs, thighs, and buttocks, the fact is that dance moves can also benefit the remainder of the body as well. Dance involves the entire body, so that the heart gets an excellent cardiovascular workout, the muscles of the arms are utilized in a number of movements, and the chest and stomach muscles are also challenged. Perhaps because dancing is more commonly associated with having fun, while exercise is often thought of as a task, not everyone understands just how effective dance moves can be in promoting general good health and sculpting a number of the areas of the body.


Stretching exercises also provide an effective means of toning muscle and thus enhancing the appearance of body. Body sculpting workouts often include stretching in both the warm up and cool down periods of the program, as well as some form of stretching along toward the middle of the series. Stretching helps to promote ease of movement, helping the muscles tone as the movements work them. The result is strong muscles that respond with ease.

Resistance training is a third important component of body sculpting workouts. Employing such devices as free weights, bands, stability balls, and dumbbells, resistance training can be used to focus in on particular areas of the body. The strength training aspects of resistance workouts can allow the development of a strong chest and stomach, powerful arms, and strong leg muscles. However, it is important to recognize that resistance training is an aspect of body sculpting workouts that may need to be introduced into the process after using the dancing and stretching components for a period of time. Consulting a professional trainer will make it possible to engage in the right type of resistance training to achieve the desired results, given the overall physical condition of the individual.


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Post 4

The addition of a dance routine for a few weeks before getting to the actual workout helps tone up the director's wallet quite nicely.

Post 3

Great advice, thank you!

Post 2

Latte31- What I use is the Firm DVD, along with the weights and the two steps that it comes with for incline resistance.

What I love about this program is that it is an all-in–one type of system. I don’t have to worry about a weight lifting routine or a cardio routine because the program offers both at one time.

I have lost a few dress sizes which motivates me to want to do it more.

Post 1

Good article- I just want to say that I use the Wii Fit program and I have lost a few inches from various workouts.

I usually do the free run for about thirty minutes and then I will do the boxing workout for about ten minutes. I have noticed that my entire body has gotten toned especially my arms, legs, and waist.

I also use five pound free weights and do an upper body routine that consists of bicep curls, triceps curls and butterfly curls.

The next day I do a lower body routine that consists of lunges and squats. I try to do three sets of ten to twelve repetitions for the upper body and for the lower body; I do three sets of twenty-five to thirty repetitions.

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