What are Body Briefers?

J. Beam

Body briefers are a form of intimate apparel shape wear that consists of one-piece lingerie items as well as sporty and casual body suits. Like other forms of intimate apparel, body briefers, sometimes called body shapers or simply body suits, come in various styles, sizes, shapes, and functionality. Body briefers are often constructed entirely or in part of microfiber, spandex, and stretch lace materials. The purpose of body briefers is to provide a one-piece undergarment that covers bust to bottom and offers body shaping and/or support.

The corset once served as the sole facilitator of the hourglass figure.
The corset once served as the sole facilitator of the hourglass figure.

Much like the corset that once served as the sole facilitator of the hourglass figure, body briefers are meant to enhance the shape of the body. Unlike the corset, body briefers do not produce the constricted waistline, nor are they as uncomfortable or difficult to wear. Most body briefers are designed to shape and conceal areas of the body that many women deem “trouble” areas — including the tummy, buttocks, hips and thighs.

There are numerous styles of body briefers and numerous colors as well. Black, white, natural, and combinations of each are common colors as is a transparent skin tone. Depending on the style, body briefers are available entirely strapless or convertible to strapless, with wired and no-wire support, and may be either short or long. Long styles are referred to as full-body body suits or briefers. Some have attached garter belts to accommodate thigh-high hosiery.

Body briefers are ideal for wearing underneath dresses, suits, and formal wear as well as casual form fitting clothing. Additionally, body briefers can offer added support that may be needed postpartum and after certain surgeries. Talk to your doctor before wearing a body briefer for post-surgical support.

The key to a comfortable, supporting body briefer is a proper fit. Many department stores sell body briefers in their intimate apparel departments and they can also be ordered online and through catalog mail order. When ordering by mail be sure to check the return policy in the event your selection is an improper fit. If at all possible, consider having a professional fitting before buying a body briefer for the first time.

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