What are Beet Chips?

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While many people may not have heard of beet chips, there are many restaurants that offer them as side items, as well as a number of health food stores and grocers who offer beet chips to the general public. Here is some background on beet chips, including how you can make your own at home.

Essentially, beet chips are thinly sliced sections of raw beets that have been deep-fried until they are crunchy and crisp. The look and consistency of the beet chip is very much like that of potato chips. As far as the taste goes, many persons are surprised how much they enjoy beet chips, even if there is a lifelong aversion to eating beets.

Restaurants sometimes include beet chips as an alternative to French fries and onion rings. Typically, the beet chips are prepared fresh in the kitchen or using frozen raw beets that have been pre-sliced. Served with the same condiments that usually accompany fried vegetables, the beet chips may also be included in a sampler platter, which allows patrons to give the chips a try before committing to a whole plate of the delicacy.


Packaged organic beet chips are frequently found in health food markets and natural grocery stores. While these types of beet chips may lack some of the flavor and color of the ones served in restaurants, they are certainly a healthier alternative to many snacks that contain a higher level of carbohydrates. For anyone who is trying to break the snack habit, beet chips can be a means of working toward a more healthful way to live.

Making your own beet chips at home is not hard to do. Selecting beets that are firm, peel and slice them thinly. If you have difficulty producing thin slices, a Japanese slicer will make even slices that are perfect for chips. Using a deep fryer with at least four or five inches of oil, place the slices into a frying basket and immerse the basket into the oil. A slotted spoon will allow you to move the chips around as they brown. Once the chips are browned, remove them and drain. Season the chips with the herbs and spices of your choice.

Beet chips are a great way to add a new twist to casual dinners, as well as provide a snack that contains a little less of the calories and carbohydrates that many people try to keep in check. Try an order of beet chips at a local restaurant; the experience may change the way you look at beets forever.


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