What are Backyard Spa Pools?

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Backyard spa pools are pools that are constructed to provide all the benefits of a hot tub, but are usually larger in size than the average hot tub. While spa pools are not necessary intended for swimming, they are normally large enough to utilize to engage in water aerobics as well as enjoy relaxing water massage. A backyard spa pool is usually constructed as an above-ground structure, although it is possible to purchase models suitable for recessing in the ground.

One of the more attractive features of spa pools is the presence of a series of water jets around the edge of the pool. The jets provide a simple but effective massaging action that is ideal for easing tension and providing relief to tired muscles. Many models of the spa pool are equipped to allow the owner to adjust each individual jet, making it possible to create the exact type of massaging action desired.

The spa pools are normally filled using a garden hose rather than being connected to the home’s water system. An exception would be any spa pools that are constructed for in-ground installation. This means that it is relatively easy to reposition the pool when there is a desire to change the landscape of the backyard, or when the homeowner sells the property and wishes to transport the pool to a new location.


Most spa pools are equipped with efficient temperature controls. This makes it easier to adjust the temperature for use in colder weather, or to lower the heat of the pool when children are around. At the same time, it means that an adult who is tired and achy can increase the temperature of the water and enjoy the jet action in the massage pool while the heat from the water also helps to relax tired muscles.

Because spa pools provide excellent and affordable hydrotherapy treatments, the pools are especially helpful for people with joint pain, back pain, or who encounter a great deal of stress during the day. By adjusting the direction and flow of the jets, it is possible to ease the aches and pains, while also creating a mental release that makes it possible to put aside the cares of the day and begin to relax the mind as well as the body.

In many ways, spa pools are easier to care for than traditional swimming pools. Most manufacturers recommend cleaning the pools three to four times a year. The cleaning process is usually accomplished with a kit containing the recommended cleaning chemicals along with instructions on how to efficiently clean each section of the pool. Often, the process takes no more than one hour every few months.


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