What Are Australian Bush Flower Essences?

O. Parker

Australian bush flower essences are flower essences made from flowers found in the Australian bush. Flower essences are an alternative healing method that uses water imprinted with the energy of different plants to treat emotional imbalances. Australian bush flower essences were developed by Ian White, a naturopath from Australia who distributes the essences through a company called Australian Bush Flower Essences.

Flower essences may be used as an alternative treatment for emotional imbalances.
Flower essences may be used as an alternative treatment for emotional imbalances.

The essences are made by collecting flowers from the plant and placing them in fresh water in a bowl in the sun. The sun acts to infuse the water with the vibrational healing properties of the specific plant. Once the sun has done its work, the water is mixed with alcohol or glycerin as a preservative. The resulting formula is a flower essence, also called a flower remedy.

Users of flower remedies claim they work on a vibrational level to gently and subtly treat a variety of emotional imbalances. Some examples of emotional states that are commonly treated with flower essences are guilt, fear, lack of enthusiasm, and feeling stuck or frustrated in career. The original flower essences were created by Dr. Edward Bach in England. Recently, this healing method has gained new recognition, leading to many unique flower essence lines from around the world, including the Australian bush.

A flower essence line is unique to plants that grow in the area where the line is developed. Australian bush flower essences are made from flowers and plants unique to the Australian bush. Ian White, the man who developed the line of Australian bush flower essences, grew up in Australia among the many unique plants there. Some single essences created by his company, Australian Bush Flower Essences, include Bauhinia, Billy Goat Plum, Boronia, Grey Spider Flower Essence, Paw Paw, and Philotheca. The company sells the complete line of single essences as a stock kit.

Single flower essences use the essence from one type of flower. Australian Bush Flower Essences also creates blends that combine different flower essences to treat specific problems such as stress or fear. Some of the blends created by the company include Meditation Essence, Purifying Essence, Creative Essence, Transition Essence, and Solaris Essence.

Australian Bush Flower Essences also makes cream and mist essences to make the healing properties of the flowers convenient to use. Some cream essences include Emergency Cream for fear and panic, Calm & Clear for people who rush and worry, a body cream to improve one's sense of self, and Travel cream to help people adjust to the trials and stress of travel.

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