What are Artificial Bonsai Trees?

Sonal Panse

Bonsai is an artistic technique of pruning plants and trees so that they attain mature shapes in miniature forms. The art form developed in China, where it was known as pent-sai, and then found a following in Japan where it became known as bon-sai. Maintaining Japanese bonsai plants and trees requires specialized knowledge and may be too much work for novice gardeners or busy individuals. In such cases, getting artificial bonsai trees can be an option. These trees are made from wood, clay, ceramic, metal, canvas or other materials, and are handcrafted and hand-painted to an extraordinary degree of realism.

Woman with a flower
Woman with a flower

It is possible to get artificial bonsai trees in practically every style and tree species that natural bonsai trees are available in. The artificial trees are crafted with painstaking care so that they are exact replicas of the natural types of bonsai trees. The trees are placed in trays or pots in a soil made of foam or pebbles. Given the exact resemblance in wood type, branching style, leaf textures and soil quality, it can sometimes be difficult to tell an artificial tree apart from a real one.

Artificial bonsai trees of such high craftsmanship can be very expensive, sometimes almost as expensive as the natural bonsai trees. It is a good idea to shop around and check the many different varieties that are available in the market, and compare workmanship and prices before making a selection. It is also possible to make artificial bonsai trees at home, although this will require time, patience and artistic skill. A good knowledge of plant or tree anatomy will also be necessary.

Unlike natural bonsai trees, which have to be trimmed, fertilized and re-potted every now and again, artificial bonsai trees can last a long time with minimum attention. Dusting the bonsai trees on a regular basis and wiping them with a wet cloth when necessary is generally enough. It is best to keep all types of artificial bonsai trees away from direct sunlight to prevent the tree colors from fading.

These types of bonsai trees make for wonderful gifts and look great as home or office ornaments. Like the natural bonsai trees, the artificial types of bonsai trees too can transform the look and feel of a space. If possible it is best to set them up in a minimal setting, so that their beauty stands out and can be better appreciated.

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