What Are Arnica Pellets?

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Arnica pellets are a homeopathic preparation of the herb arnica. In its herbal form, arnica is known to promote healing and decrease inflammation, pain, and bruising. As a homeopathic preparation, arnica is diluted until it cannot be detected. This makes it a safe treatment to take, even for patients who are ill or very young. Though there is no medical evidence to support claims that arnica pellets promote healing, there is no risk in taking this medication and patients who believe that it helps can safely take arnica pellets even if they are currently taking other medications.

In order to make arnica pellets, extracts from the arnica plant are diluted until the concentration of arnica in the substance is extremely low. Most homeopathic dilutions of arnica are one part arnica in 1,000,000 parts water. Those who support the use of homeopathic arnica claim that the healing abilities of the arnica plant are transferred to the water it is diluted in, though there is no medical evidence to support this. Once the arnica has been properly diluted, additives such as glucose and lactose can be added to the dilute until it can be dried out and formed into pellets.


Patients who wish to take arnica pellets generally take a number of them at once a few times a day until symptoms disappear. The pellets are dissolved in the mouth, or for young patients, dissolved in a tablespoon of water and then drunk. There is no official dose of arnica pellets to take, though the amount of dilution they have undergone means that patients can safely take large amounts of this remedy. Many patients take between one and five pellets as often as needed while pain and bruising are troubling them.

Many patients experience an immediate decrease in pain when taking arnica pellets. Supporters of homeopathic arnica claim that this remedy is effective against general aches and pains as well as swelling and bleeding caused by surgery or injury. Arnica pellets are usually used when herbal arnica ointment cannot be effectively spread on the injury.

Though homeopathic arnica pellets may or may not be effective, arnica ointments have been used in folk medicine for hundreds of years. The ointments contain measurable amounts of arnica and are believed to have a significant effect on healing. Arnica is poisonous, however, so in order to be safely taken orally, it must be diluted into a homeopathic remedy.


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