What Are Apricot Cookies?

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Apricot cookies are cookies that have apricot inside them, usually in a dried form. These cookies can be made using one of many kinds of cookie recipes and adding fresh or dried apricot, the way chocolate chips are incorporated into some cookies. Apricot as a flavor is complimented by vanilla, which is often used in recipes for apricot cookies. Apricot cookies are not common, and generally can’t be found in shops.

As a fruit, apricots are related to nectarines, peaches and plums. They vary in skin tone, but it usually ranges from yellow to deep orange. The skin of the apricot is soft to the touch and has a velvety texture. Generally, the flesh of a ripe apricot will be relatively firm, but not so much that it won’t give when squeezed. Apricots grow better in warm climates, and are therefore typically grown during the summer, or throughout the year in hot countries such as Chile. Apricots have large stones in the center, which come out easily when the fruit is ripe. They can be bought fresh or preserved.


Cookies can be thought of as essentially small cakes, but they can be made hard in texture instead of soft and spongy. Originally, cookies were invented as a method of testing out a cake mixture, but since then have become popular treats in their own right. They can be either soft or hard. The term "cookie" is commonly used in America, and other countries have other names for the treat. In Britain and Australia, they are referred to as biscuits, and in Italy they are called biscotti or amaretti. One of the most common types of cookie in the United States is the chocolate chip cookie, but cookies can also be made with dried fruit such as raisins or apricots.

Apricot cookies are a more exotic type of cookie, as they are very rarely found in shops and usually have to be baked at home. Recipes for apricot cookies are very similar to those for other cookies like chocolate chip, except that apricot is used in place of chocolate or other fillings. Apricot cookie recipes generally include butter, sugar, flour, baking powder, an egg, a small amount of salt, dried apricots and vanilla extract. These ingredients are combined into dough, which is then divided into small balls and baked in the oven.


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