What are Applique Scissors?

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Applique scissors are one of the several forms of scissors that are used in sewing projects. Most versions of applique scissors are distinguished by the presence of one blade that is similar to the blades of most pairs of scissors, while the other is wider and has a shape that is not unlike that of the upper bill of a duck. Sometimes referred to as duckbill scissors, this form of craft scissors are understood to be an ideal choice when there is a need for a high degree of accuracy while working with different types of fabric.

One of the more key advantages of working with applique projects is to ensure that the elements used in the project are trimmed to perfection. Applique scissors provide a high degree of precision that makes it possible to trim around edges with the greatest of ease. This means that when preparing appliques just before the application to the underlying material, it is possible to make sure there are no rough edges to deal with, and that the finished product will appear to have been professionally prepared.


Another common use of applique scissors involves working with seams. When there is a need to grade seams for a garment, the scissors make it possible to trim the material very closely. This will mean that the finished seam will lie flat with little or not opportunity for unraveling the material at a later date. The seam will also be easier to keep lined up properly during the sewing process, owing to the degree of accuracy that is possible with applique scissors.

Different models of applique scissors come in different sizes. Some models follow the more traditional model and may feature blades that are roughly six to seven inches in length. Other models may make use of shorter blades. The choice for handles may also vary somewhat, with some examples of applique scissors featuring metal handles, while other models will make use of wood or plastic for the handles. Just about any sewing shop will have several sizes and models of applique scissors available for purchase. While a little more expensive than a set of standard scissors, applique scissors are considered essential for people who enjoy sewing projects.


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