What are Antique Drawer Pulls?

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Antique drawer pulls encompass various styles of knobs and handles for your furniture or cabinetry that ring of times past when the artistry of elegance and decorative flair were at their height.

An antique drawer pull might be a handle, knob, hood or bin pull, or ring-and-drop pull. They come in a variety of styles and finishes and can be made of brass, pewter, glass or acrylic, iron, porcelain, ceramic, chrome or nickel, or other materials.

Figural antique drawer pulls have highly decorative backplates such as designs that incorporate the head of a lion, dragon, angel, serpent or other figurine surrounded by scrolled patterns that extend to form the handle which hangs from the backplate. Victorian teardrops might have round brass backplates with a ball-and-post fitting by which a black wooden knob hangs as the pull. If this era doesn't appeal to you, you can find antique drawer pulls for other periods including classic art deco styles or more traditional pulls from the 1920s — 1940s.

Antique drawer pulls are perfect for restoring old furniture or antique pieces that have lost or damaged original hardware. With the variety of styles, finding pulls that truly match the period of the piece should be an easy task. The harder task might be choosing between so many appealing designs.


But antique drawer pulls can also be used to add traditional elegance to modern-day furniture or cabinetry. Fresh pulls will completely change the look of a bedroom set. They are also a great way to give your kitchen cabinetry a makeover.

Whether you're looking for spool pulls, glass knobs, ring pulls or brass knobs, you'll find them among antique drawer pulls. Less expensive styles are carried at local hardware stores, while restoration and antique outlets carry a wider range of stock. If interested in perusing the many styles available, try your favorite search engine to locate these online outlets. Prices range from a few dollars each to $40 (USD) or more.


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