What are Alternative Treatments for Depression?

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Depression is a serious disorder that not only has severe emotional repercussions, but can also impact physical health. While many people respond well to various types of antidepressants, others find that alternative treatments for depression provide them with what they need to overcome the disorder and get on with the business of living. Here are a few examples of alternative treatments for depression and anxiety that may prove helpful.

Today, many people look toward natural remedies to alleviate cases of mild depression or nervousness. This approach can be especially effective when a lack of vitamins and nutrients is a factor in the depressed state. Taking a combination of Vitamin C, all the B vitamins, and a balance of calcium and magnesium can begin to make an impact on general mood in as little as a couple of weeks. Unlike many antidepressants on the market today, this vitamin and mineral combination is not likely to cause any side effects at all.

Herbal remedies are another option as an alternative treatment for depression. Lemon balm and St. John’s Wort are two widely recognized herbs that can help restore emotional balance. Lady’s Slipper and Passion Flower are also popular for easing anxiety and panic attacks, as well as helping to restore a sense of contentment. Hawthorne berries and capsicum are also considered excellent tonics for the heart and circulation, which can also help the body to begin to recover from depression.


Therapy is also one of the more effective alternative treatments for depression. Cognitive Behavior Therapy or CBT can be managed under the care of a therapist and even used at home in between sessions. This type of therapy is considered a good alternative treatment for depression and anxiety, as it seeks to reorient the individual’s perception and take away the power of depression and panic attacks.

Regardless of what alternative treatments for depression are used, recuperative sleep and regular exercise are imperative to conquering the disorder. Sleep deprivation can help to trigger bouts of depression, while getting enough sleep each night helps to maintain an even mood during the waking hours. Exercise promotes the release of a number of neurotransmitters that help to create a sense of well-being and overcome the lethargy and apathy that is so common with depression.

If alternative treatments for depression do not seem to be working, see a qualified physician immediately. A doctor can run tests to determine if there is an organic problem for the depression and anxiety, such as an over or under active thyroid. Once the origin is identified, focused treatments can help alleviate the symptoms while also addressing the core causes.


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