What are Activewear Dresses?

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Activewear dresses are garments that are designed for women to wear during physical activity. One of the most common examples of activewear dresses are those that are worn by female tennis players. There are also activewear dresses that are designed to be worn over swimsuits. These kinds of dresses are intended to be worn while commuting to and from the pool, lake, or beach. They are usually made of a material that dries very quickly so that they can be comfortably worn over a swimsuit that is still a bit damp.

As for the activewear dresses that are designed for tennis players, it is common for the upper part of the dress to be very fitted and to have just a bit of a flare in the skirt area. Activewear dresses for tennis players may have a number of kinds of straps or sleeves, but it is quite common for them to have a racerback shape. This is because the dresses are intended to be worn over sports bras. In some cases, activewear dresses for tennis players have extra support in the bra area.


Dresses that are designed as part of swimwear have much more varied designs. Unlike dresses for tennis players, which are usually quite short, these sorts of dresses may reach all the way down to the ankles or may be nearly as short as the tennis activewear dresses. Because dresses designed to go with swimwear are not intended for such specific activities, there is much more room for variety in their design. One of the key features of activewear dresses is their ability to wick sweat — or, in the case of activewear dresses intended to be worn with swimwear, water — away from the body. It is common for these dresses to be made with a cotton blend that allows the garment to breathe and to keep the skin as dry as possible.

Activewear dresses can be purchased from companies that specialize in both shoes and clothing for sporting activities. It is common for companies that are famous for one aspect of their activewear, such as tennis shoes or swimsuits, to also sell a line of activewear that includes dresses. The line may also include shorts, shirts, pants, jackets, socks, and underwear. It may also include accessories such as gym bags, sweat bands, and towels that bear the company's brand name.


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