What are Acting Classes?

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Acting classes are training sessions that give tips and lessons on the art of acting. There are acting classes that focus on particular areas of the craft such as comedy, drama, classical, commercials, and various even more specific classes. Classes can be found for all ability levels and ages.

There are many benefits that acting classes can give children. Kids can improve their confidence level, and have exposure to a number of classical works. Much like any art, acting gives children an outlet for their energy and creativity. Along with regular lessons, summer camps can provide daily or weekly classes, and some even have overnight stays.

Adult learners find many of the same benefits as children in taking acting classes. Confidence and public speaking ability is improved and adults enjoy a creative outlet as well. Some large companies even use improvisation classes as a team building exercise for employees who must work together regularly.

For those seeking a career in drama, acting classes are the logical first step. At the beginning levels, students learn basic techniques and learn to copy what the masters have done before them. As the levels progress to intermediate and advanced, students learn to personalize basic techniques and get comfortable with the camera or stage. Advanced classes often offer audition techniques and tips for reading cue cards and teleprompters.


Finding good acting classes can be as simple as looking in the phone book, particularly for those in large towns or cities with many artistic resources. Many towns have studios and arts schools that offer classes taught by local professionals. Colleges and Universities are likely to offer classes for both credit and non-credit students. Classes can last from a few weeks to a few years, depending on the seriousness of the student.

There are a number of options for finding free acting classes as well. There are online classes that can offer some written coursework, video lessons and online discussion on techniques and tips. Many local studios or actors will offer free introductory lessons on a regular basis that are advertised on websites, or in local newspapers. These free live courses serve a two-fold purpose. They act as community service to the neighborhood that the actor or studio serves. Free classes also give the studio a good reputation and give students a chance to see the classes and teachers in action before paying for courses.


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